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The UN has estimated losses of tourism due to pandemic coronavirus

The loss of the international tourism sector due to the spread of a new type of coronavirus in 2020 reached $ 320 billion, which is more than three times the losses in this area due to the economic crisis in 2009, reported in its press release, the world tourism organization of the United Nations (UNWTO).

The world tourism organization notes that the number of tourists in the imposition of coronavirus restrictions and the almost complete closure of the countries declined by 300 million. In the period from January to may compared to the same period last year the number of tourist trips abroad around the world fell by 56%. The number of trips in may compared to may 2019 fell to 98%.

Israel submitted eight inventions that will change the world of tourism

The Israeli company has developed products and technologies that can help tourism industry to go back to the safe and efficient operation, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of the country.

Management of defence research and development of Ministry of defense of Israel is developing a technology that during the minutes show, whether the person infected with coronavirus. It will be possible to identify carriers at the airport prior to landing. Those who test positive will not be allowed on Board.

Giorgio Armani became the Ambassador of the world tourism organization to the UN

The famous Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani and the famous chef Gino Sorbillo become the new ambassadors of the world tourism organization to the UN in honor of the restart of tourism in Italy.

"The world tourism organization (UNWTO) has appointed two new special envoys on the background of the restart of the sector across Europe. In connection with the Secretary-General's visit to Italy ... the UNWTO has appointed famous fashion designer Giorgio Armani and the famous chef Gino Sorbillo their new special ambassadors for tourism," - said in a press release.

One in five of the country began to remove restrictions on tours

More than 20 percent of the States began to remove restrictions on tourist travel, while the boundaries of the 65 percent of the countries are completely closed to foreigners, according to the world tourism organization of the United Nations (UNWTO), the headquarters of which is located in Madrid.

As of 15 June in the context of individual countries and 48 destinations (22%) gradually remove restrictions on movement. A month earlier, on 18 may, such area was seven (three percent). In particular, began to open the borders 37 European countries, six countries of the American continent (five of which island), there are three priorities in the Asia-Pacific region (two island) and two States in Africa, the group says.

It became clear how much the pandemic coronavirus has affected the tourism in Italy

The number of foreign tourists who will visit Italy this summer, will fall to 43 million people, or 43.4 percent compared to the year 2019, according to a study of the Florentine Center for tourism studies.

Within three months it is expected the unprecedented decline of 12.8 million travelers and 56 million overnight stays compared to last summer, leading to a drop in the revenue of travel industry representatives at 3.2 billion euros, and half of them will lose the hoteliers.

Called safe areas for tourists

World Council for tourism and travel, which unites the participants in the travel industry, recognized as safe destinations for travelers this summer, Portugal, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Relevant information published on the website of the organization.

These countries, as noted, implemented security protocols. Among the popular European destinations referred to Madrid, Seville and Barcelona.