Latest News - #The withdrawal of Britain from the European Union

The Russian Ambassador said the growth according to the policy of Britain from USA

UK leaving the EU, sought independence of their decisions, but currently it is becoming more and more dependent and associated with the policy of the United States, said Russia's Ambassador to the United Kingdom Andrey Kelin in an interview with Chinese television CGTN.

"At the moment Britain will be more independent, but the trend that we now see that the policy of great Britain more and more to do with the policy of the United States, and this worries us a little," said the Ambassador.

Negotiator, the EU has estimated the probability of the agreement with Britain

The current British position in the negotiations on the future partnership makes the possibility of concluding a trade agreement with the European Union is unlikely, said the chief negotiator of the EU's Brexit, Michel Barnier.

"The current failure to be committed to open and fair competition and to sustainable fisheries agreement makes Britain a trade agreement at the moment is unlikely," - said Barnier at a press conference.

London has not used the possibility to extend the transitional period after Brexit

The transition period after Brеxit will not be renewed - Britain has not used consistent with the EU the possibility to file a request for such extension before the expiration of June. Now the fate of future relations with the European Union is in the hands of the negotiators - that their talents will determine whether it will maintain the United Kingdom's close trade and economic links with continental Europe, or context, London and Brussels in 2021 will be built in accordance with the rules and tariffs of the WTO.

Currently, the negotiations with the EU on a trade agreement actually stopped. The British side accused Brussels of politicization of the process and demanded to change the tone. After the fourth round of parties stated that disputes, including fisheries, are preserved and recognized that have reached the maximum of what is possible with virtual negotiations. Meeting the pandemic coronavirus was conducted by video conference. Sign the agreement and ratify it required up to the end of 2020. If the document will not be accepted, the parties will spread, breaking all the relations and interaction.

The head of the European Commission has ruled out the extension of trade negotiations with London

Legal preconditions for renewal of negotiations with Britain on trade agreement is not, said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in an interview with Handelsblatt.

"I don't see any legal grounds for that," said von der Leyen, responding to a question on possibility of renewal of negotiations in the autumn. "The deadline extension expires at the end of June. Therefore, it is clear that the UK leaves the single market on 31 December," she added.

EU and Britain agreed to intensify negotiations on Brexit

Britain and the European Union agreed to intensify in July, the negotiations on the future relationships of the parties, the United Kingdom will not ask for extension of the transition period after Brexit, said transferred to the RIA Novosti statement, the UK and the EU.

The statement was made following the meeting via video conferencing premiere of Boris Johnson with the presidents of the European Commission, the European Council and the European Parliament, Ursula von der Leyen, Charles Michel and David Sassòli.

The question of extending the transition period for Brexit is closed, said the EC

The European Commission believes that the question of the possible prolongation of the transition period in relations between the EU and the UK in the framework of Brexit is closed, that is, the extension will not, said the Vice-President of the European Commission Maros Sefcovic at a press conference after a meeting of the joint Committee of representatives of the EU and the UK.

According to him, the British side made it clear that it plans to request an extension of the transition period.

London may concede the issue of the duties of the EU, according to media

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ready to make concessions in the issue of EU duties on certain British goods, to break the deadlock in trade negotiations, reports the Daily Mail newspaper, citing sources.

Earlier Friday, the head of the British negotiating team, David frost said that the next, fourth, round of negotiations between Britain and the EU in terms of the trading agreement concluded with little progress, however, parties should intensify dialogue. He noted that his group is ready to do everything as quickly as possible to develop a balanced trade agreement, covering all areas.