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Mishustin told about the plans for payments to physicians for work COVID-19

The government will make proposals, in one form or another to continue the stimulating policy for physicians who struggle with novel coronavirus infection, the proposals will give Vladimir Putin, said Mikhail Mishustin.

The Prime Minister during the visit to Magadan visited the regional Oncology center and talked with staff. The doctors thanked him for the support and asked to convey his gratitude to the President.

The next flight brought the Russians from new York to Moscow

A regular flight of "Aeroflot" took the Russians from new York to Moscow, reported on the website of JFK airport.

On the page of the Russian Embassy in Washington, in Facebook it was noted earlier that this is the 20th export flight. The Board allowed the residents of the whole of Russia, said the Embassy.

Several journalists from the pool mishustina contracted the coronavirus

. Several journalists from the government pool, which was accompanied by Michael mishustina in the trip to the far East, the tests showed a positive result. About it RIA Novosti reported the press Secretary of Prime Minister Boris Belyakov.

According to him, promptly taken the necessary measures. Journalists insulated, they are under the supervision of physicians, they provide comprehensive assistance.

In Moscow, for day died on 11 patients with coronavirus

Another 11 patients with the coronavirus has died in Moscow for a day, the total number of deaths reached 4656, from the data of the operational headquarters.

"In Moscow, died on 11 patients, all had confirmed diagnosis of pneumonia and received positive tests for coronavirus infection", - stated in the message.

Scientists have proposed disinfecting respirators in a slow cooker

Respirator type N95, which are used for protection against coronavirus, can be effectively disinfected in a slow cooker, according to a study published in the American online journal "journal of environmental science and technology".

The authors of the study made by tan Nguyen, Professor of engineering protection of the environment at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and several of her colleagues.

RBC: the survey showed distrust of doctors to vaccine coronavirus

Physicians surveyed mobile app "physician's Reference", expressed skepticism about the Russian vaccine from COVID-19, the survey results, RBC.

Thus, 52% of the three thousand participants in the study said that they are not ready to get vaccinated against the coronavirus, while I agree vaccination is 24.5%.

Biden believes that a mask mode in the United States "will save 40 thousand lives"

The candidate in US presidents from Democratic party Joe Biden on Thursday called for the introduction of nationwide compulsory wearing masks to protect from the spread of COVID-19.

"Let's set the compulsory wearing masks across the country right now and will save lives. According to estimates, we will save 40 thousand lives in the next three months after it is made," said Biden.

The researchers assessed the possibility of treatment COVID-19 radiation

Russian scientists commented in the interview with "Izvestiya" the possibility of treatment COVID-19 with radiation therapy, expressing doubts about the safety of this method.

The possibility of treatment of coronavirus infection in a similar way previously made by scientists from the US and Canada. So, according to experts from the canadian Cancer centre Jack ady, low-dose x-rays can help against pneumonia, which is often a consequence of coronavirus infection, the study was published in the journal of the European society for radiotherapy and Oncology 6 April. The research group of the cancer Institute of Emory University (USA) has tested the experimental technique on ten patients with coronavirus and pneumonia, the result of irradiated patients recovered four times faster, with side effects, the authors did not reveal.

Moscow authorities have assessed the effectiveness of plasma transfusion patients COVID-19

Preliminary results of the study showed that after transfusion of donor plasma a chance to get into the intensive care unit have moderate patients with coronavirus reduced by 63%, told journalists the Deputy mayor of Moscow on issues of social development Anastasia Rakova.

"The probability of recovery of critically ill patients who receive plasma, increases by 19%. While this method of treatment can be appointed only by a physician," said Rakova.

Study: pandemic has dramatically reduced the number of new entrepreneurs in Russia

Registrations of new individual entrepreneurs (IP) in Russia for the first half of 2020 decreased by about a third due to the pandemic, estimated the company-developer of information systems Seldon.

"The number of registrations of new entrepreneurs in Russia for the first six months of 2020 has declined by 34.4% compared to the same period of 2019 and made up of 287, 5 thousand. The worst months were the months of April and may, and then the figure showed a rebound," - said in the study, at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

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