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The number of deaths from COVID-19 in the Philippines exceeded 1.5 thousand

The number of victims COVID-19 in the Philippines has exceeded 1,5 thousand, the coronavirus has infected more than 56 million people, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

According to him, doctors in days fixed 2 124 new cases of infection and 162 can be fatal. In total since the beginning of the epidemic of the coronavirus has infected 56 259 people died 1 534 patients with COVID-19.

The flight of "Aeroflot" took the Russians from new York to Moscow

A regular flight of "Aeroflot" took the Russians from new York to Moscow, reported on the website of JFK airport.

It is expected that after arrival in Moscow passengers will be transplanted to two other boards that will deliver them to St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don.

The ship Ice stream left Busan after recovering sailors from COVID-19

All cases of coronavirus sailors from a Russian ship Ice stream, which was hospitalized in South Korea, was discharged, the ship left the port, reported RIA Novosti the representative of the company-shipowner.

Earlier it became known about the coronavirus 16 members of the crew of the Russian vessel-the refrigerator Ice stream, arrived in Busan from Vladivostok. According to preliminary data, COVID-19 confirmed the previous captain of the ship, which previously came ashore in Russia. All contact persons in the port isolated. As reported RIA Novosti the representative of "Reftransflot", 16 Russian sailors from the ship Ice stream, which confirmed coronavirus, hospitalized, port Kumchon was closed. Later, coronavirus was confirmed in another two sailors from the ship. The owner also noted that the unloading of the ship was in a contactless manner.

In Argentina the number of people infected with coronavirus has exceeded 100 thousand

The number of people infected with coronavirus in Argentina exceeded $ 100 thousand, reported the Ministry of health of the country.

"Today, there were 2 657 cases of coronavirus, and the total number of infected is 100, 166", - stated in the message.

Who recorded the highest number of people infected with coronavirus in the world

For the last day in the world registered a record 230 370 cases of infection with coronavirus, said the world health organization.

Died 5285 patients with COVID-19. Thus, during the time of the pandemic in the world, found 12 552 765 cases and recorded 561 617 lethal outcomes.

In Brazil the number of deaths from COVID-19 exceeded 72 thousand

The number of victims of the new coronavirus in Brazil increased during the day, at 631 and has reached 72 of 100, according to the Ministry of health of the country.

According to him, the total number of identified cases of infection with coronavirus in Brazil reached 1 864 681. Over the past day were identified 24 831 new infection, while before it was recorded over 39 thousand cases.

In Moscow during the day, died 25 patients with coronavirus

In Moscow over the past day, 25 people died with confirmed pneumonia and test positive for coronavirus, reported in the operational headquarters.

A day earlier it was reported 27 dead.

French epidemiologist assessed the timing of the emergence of vaccine COVID-19

It seems unlikely that a fully effective vaccine against coronavirus infection appear in 2021, said an epidemiologist and member of the Scientific Council under the Ministry of health of France Arnaud the Fountain.

"The vaccine is many years of development. Of course, now been an unprecedented effort for its creation, but I'll be very surprised if in 2021 will be an effective vaccine. It's possible that the vaccine will appear, but it will only work partially," said the specialist, the TV channel BFMTV.

None of the participants of the Victory parade on red square not ill COVID-19

No soldier who took part in the Victory parade on red square in Moscow, was infected with coronavirus, the chief of the Main military medical Directorate of the defense Ministry of Russia Dmitry Trishkin.

According to him, each main calculation, including foreign troops, were assigned to our medical staff. "It was necessary for the observation, measurement of body temperature, as well as conducting rapid testing three times a week. Of course, that throughout the period the military personnel and their accompanying persons were provided with personal protective equipment: masks, gloves, skin antiseptics," explained Trishkin.

Moscow moved to the next stage of lifting of restrictions

Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin on July 9 signed a decree on the resumption of the operation of attractions, parks of culture and recreation, cultural centres and leisure type organizations, as well as about the opening of camps and the removal of restrictions in the field of entrepreneurship. In the Russian capital was canceled and mandatory wearing of masks and gloves on the street.

In connection with the situation in the world, the Moscow city hall decided to enter on March 5, the mode of increased readiness because of the threat of the spread of a new coronavirus infection. According to the decree of the mayor, the citizens attending countries and territories, where there have been cases of infection must report their return to Russia. From March 30, the city had a mandatory regime of self-isolation, were closed many stores, cafes, gyms, were available for exploring the parks, getting around the city was carried out with a pass.

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