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"The Ukrainian President was wrong." Evil the prophecy of the Tomos came true

Ukrainian court is considering a number of criminal cases against the former President of Petro Poroshenko. Including the creation of the schismatic "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" and the Tomos of autocephaly. The politician, in fact, does not deny that had a hand in this, but what's it going not believe. Although two years ago he was warned about the consequences of blatant interference in internal Church Affairs. What awaits Poroshenko and those interested in the proceedings — in the material RIA Novosti.

That, and the artistry of the ex-President of Ukraine does not hold. Even at trial in one case he came, to walk a couple of kilometers at the head of a column of supporters. Many of them were holding placards and Ukrainian flags.

Schismatic Filaret intends to seek a new Tomos of autocephaly in Ukraine

Schismatic Filaret Denisenko said that he would seek from the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew the provision of a new Tomos of autocephaly of Church structures in Ukraine.

"It could provide Tomos and without depending on the Patriarchate of Constantinople. And we're so Tomos expected. But in order to Tomos was completely independent from the other Church, it was necessary to provide not the Archdiocese and Patriarchate. Why? Because Patriarchy cannot be part of another Patriarchate and the Archdiocese can. For example, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate's Archdiocese. She is independent, but is dependent on the Moscow Patriarchate. And the Patriarch of Constantinople did not want the Ukrainian Church was a Patriarchate," he said in an interview with "Apostrophe".

In the ROC compared the "online communion" in Ukraine with the sessions Kashpirovsky

The Moscow Patriarchate called "magical practices" of so-called online communion in schismatic "Orthodox churches of Ukraine" (ptsu), which "cannot be taken seriously".

Earlier one of representatives of the DNC decided in the context of isolation and quarantine to perform "Liturgy" and "communion" of members in remote mode over the Internet, called during this action to put in front of the computer screens, the bread and wine, which, according to his statement, ostensibly after prayers would be a "Holy sacrament".

Ukrainian schismatics called his number one goal

In Ukraine ignite passion around the main Orthodox shrines — Kiev-Pechersk Lavra. The dissenters demand that the authorities took her away from the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The petition for the transfer of the monastery of the self-proclaimed "Orthodox Church of Ukraine" caused a huge resonance. In the media there is a tough campaign against the inhabitants of the monastery. The situation is tense so that believers are afraid of civil war.

A crowd of young men in balaclavas with metal rods in his hands. But on the contrary, elderly women in headscarves with icons and crosses. At that moment, the nationalists rushed to his congregation. The fight to join the fighters "Berkut". They manage to push back the attackers from the gates of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.