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In Parliament said about the preparation of the coup in Ukraine on independence Day

Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine from party "Oppositional platform For life," Ilya Kiva, said the TV channel NewsOne, the former President of the country Petro Poroshenko plans to carry out a coup in Ukraine independence Day August 24.

"Poroshenko is funding nationalist groups, preparing them to March on the independence Day, which should develop into a confrontation with the government and end the coup," - says the Deputy.

The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has estimated the transfer of Belarus Moscow detained Russians

The results Minsk Moscow earlier detained citizens of Russia does not mean the "end of history", said Friday the Deputy head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Yevhen Yenin.

The Prosecutor General's office earlier Friday announced that 32 of the 33 detained earlier on the territory of Belarus of a Russian citizen returned to Russia. Thirty-third citizen of Russia, which also has a Belarusian citizenship, remained in the territory of the Republic of Belarus.

Ukraine expressed regret over the transfer of Belarus detained Russians

Ukraine "with regret" accepts the decision of Belarus to give Russia 32 detained citizens, Kiev expected "is more legally correct and informed decisions", reports on Friday, the office of the President.

The Prosecutor General's office earlier Friday said that detained earlier on the territory of Belarus 32 Russian citizen returned to Russia.

Kyiv denied the involvement of Ukrainians to destabilize the situation in Belarus

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry denies the involvement of the citizens of the country to destabilize the situation in Belarus, reported on the Agency's website.

Earlier the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said that the instigators of street protests in Minsk are people from abroad. According to him, the country was "already in large numbers from Poland, Holland, Ukraine".

In Parliament said about the destruction of the "Motor Sich"

Former President and General designer of the Ukrainian enterprise "Motor Sich" Vyacheslav Boguslayev is trying to destroy the plant. This statement, posted on YouTube, was made by the Deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Finance, taxation and customs policy, Aleksandr Dubinsky, demanding to deal with the situation.

The MP expressed the opinion that Boguslayev, who is now the honorary President of "Motor Sich" began to destroy the enterprise after the sale of their shares to Chinese investors.

"Ran, sat, drank". What will happen in Belarus during and after the elections

In Belarus today choose the President. On the eve of the acting head of state Alexander Lukashenko said that the harvesting campaign is more important than the election. In Minsk at this time, the detained participants of unsanctioned actions. The situation in the Republic nervous. RIA Novosti recalls how everything was before, and understands what to expect after the counting of votes.

Four days of early voting, the turnout exceeded 32%, said the morning of 8 August the Belarusian Central election Commission. Most actively the Gomel region is nearly 43%. In Minsk, about 30.

Ukrainian journalist suggested to attack Russia nuclear waste

. Ukraine can develop missiles with nuclear waste for use in the event of a threat from Russia or other States, said journalist Maxim Kuhar channel UkrLife.

He described four ways by which, according to him, Kiev will be able to defend themselves against opponents, "if war breaks out".

Zelensky has told how he intends to end the war in the Donbass

President Vladimir Zelensky hopes to resolve the conflict in the Donbass after the meeting of leaders "channel four" in Berlin.

"The next stop is Berlin, where we fix the intermediate success of the truce and move on. To finally close the case of war," he wrote on Facebook.

Ukrainian media explained why Kiev has little chance to return Donbass

. The longer Kiev is unable to end the civil conflict in the South-East of the country, the more the image of the enemy in the face of Ukraine is created for the residents of Donbass, writes "Apostrophe".

As noted in the article, in the fall of 2020 in the DNI and LC will go to school children born in 2014 just after the start of the war. They will grow up with thoughts of ominous Ukraine and APU, who are killing residents of Donbass. Just think and adolescents, whose school years were in the midst of conflict.

"We failed": the opposition spoke about a defining moment for the country

Ukraine is failing in the crucial 2019, when the country had to move on to economic growth, said the Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from party "Oppositional platform For life," Alexander Koltunovich in the broadcast channel "112 Ukraine".

"For the year in Parliament I understand that this government is Ukraine is not up and down

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