Latest News - #The scandal surrounding the removal of children from families in the Orenburg region

Removed from the family in the Orenburg children want in a school and a kindergarten

The children's Ombudsman of the Orenburg region Anzhelika Linkova was found with the parents in the Tulip village of Dombarovsky district, who have seized four children, and they agreed that the eldest daughter will go to school, and the youngest will be determined in kindergarten, told RIA Novosti in the government of Orenburg region.

On the website of the Ombudsman reported that during the meeting they discussed issues related to assistance in repairing the house of employment of the head of the family, as well as enrolment in educational institutions.

The Ombudsman praised the work of guardianship with family in the Orenburg region, where the seized children

The guardianship and guardianship Donbasskogo district of the Orenburg region worked poorly with a large family, who have forcibly seized four young children, did not implement the task of protection and preservation of the family, told RIA Novosti the Commissioner for children's rights in the region Anzhelika Linkova.

Earlier in mass media there was a video of the seizures of four small children, the woman of the house in the village of Tulip Orenburg region. The footage, first the police persuade the woman give the kids, but then kids take it by force, and the mother is handcuffed. Police reported that children were taken away for medical assistance, and the investigating authorities explained that the house, which the family bought for maternity capital, in poor condition and threaten the life and health of kids.