Latest News - #The power of Siberia (pipeline)

Russia is building the future of its petrochemical industry.

Two future gas and chemical complex in the East (the Amur region) and the West (Leningrad oblast) of the country — are increasingly in the spotlight of news agencies. Both projects have a lot in common. We are talking about the allocation of natural gas to heavier, more valuable hydrocarbons with subsequent processing of them into products of petrochemical — primarily polymers. The remaining gas will be exported.

The gas pipeline will reach from Eastern and Western Siberia to the border regions (the Amur and Leningrad oblast, respectively), which will go for recycling. Here it is necessary to clarify that each of the projects will be implemented by two different serial production.

Infectious hospital of the Amur gas processing plant received a batch of equipment

A batch of medical equipment was received for the medical facilities of the Amur gas processing plant (GPP) in the Amur region, which have identified more than 100 cases of coronavirus, as well as for hospital Free, according to the government of the region.

Earlier the Governor of the Amur region, Vasily Orlov said that the GEA officially recorded 112 patients: there were a total of 136 patients, of whom 24 were recovered. Arrived 64 health care providers from other regions of the country. At the entrance to Free a regime of special permits.

The IEA predicted strengthening of Russia's position as gas exporter

Russia in the period up to the end of 2025 will be able to strengthen its position as the largest gas exporter in the world, according to a new annual report by the International energy Agency (IEA).

The IEA, in particular, mentioned plans "Gazprom" on development of the Yamal gas production center. So, by 2022 it is expected to reach the designed production level of 115 billion cubic meters per year on Bovanenkovskoye field. In addition, in 2023 it is planned to start production at Kharasaveyskoye field by raising the bar to 32 billion cubic meters a year by 2026. "Supply corridor "Bovanenkovo-Ukhta" should provide as domestic consumers and European export market", - said the Agency.

Gazprom has announced a tender to supply pipes

OOO "Gazprom invest" has announced an open competitive selection in the electronic form for delivery in 2020-2022 years of the pipes initial (maximum) contract price at 98.4 billion rubles, follows from the data portal of public procurement.

According to the portal, this is the largest purchase of pipes of "Gazprom".