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Onf will propose to the Ministry of justice to include rules on the protection of animals in Cao

Experts of the Russian popular front will be sent to the Ministry of justice proposals for the inclusion in Cao RF of norms on the protection of animals, said Deputy head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Dmitry Polikanov.

On Wednesday, the popular front held a conference to strengthen the responsibility for the cruel treatment of animals. The discussion was attended by the leaders of animal protection organizations and representatives of other relevant agencies.

In the state Duma suggest to change rules of calculation of transport tax

Car owners proposed to exempt from vehicle tax if a simple machine is more than six months. With such an idea to the interior Minister Vladimir Kolokoltsev requested member of the State Duma Committee on budget and taxes Yevgeny Fyodorov, told RT.

In the letter, the Deputy noted that now in Russia the amount of vehicle tax depends on intensity of operation of the machine. For various reasons people could not use the car: for example, long-term repair or moving to another region. However, even in such a case, the person have to pay vehicle tax in full.

Roshal has estimated the transition to electronic document management in healthcare

In medical organizations of the Russian Federation there are problems with the transition to electronic document management, it is necessary to eliminate the need to duplicate paper and electronic documents, said co-chair of the Central headquarters of the popular front, Dr. Leonid Roshal.

"Putting the hospital computer must be connected to the medical information system and increase training of health workers. Often it is not at the same time. The transition from paper to electronic medical records in General, including in rural hospitals has been slow. In addition, it is necessary to solve legal issues of refusal of paper records, as well as the protection and preservation of the documentation that will relate to electronic health records" – quoted Roshal the press service of the onf.

In Russia proposed to change the size of the car fines

In the Russian popular front has proposed to increase the size of some of the fines for the drivers, told RIA Novosti the head of the working group "protecting the rights of motorists" Peter Shkumatov.

According to the authors of the initiative, the penalty for running a red light should be measured a thousand, and five thousand rubles. The same amount the experts recommended that the charge for the installation of falsified numbers. Now this offense is "worth" two thousand.

The onf urged to consider all the causes of the accident with Ephraim

A fatal accident involving Mikhail Efremov need to be considered comprehensively, in order to prevent future deaths in such accidents, should not be guided by emotions, according to the coordinator of the movement "Blue buckets", the head of the working group onf "protecting the rights of motorists" Peter Shkumatov.

Efremov on the evening of 8 June on the Garden ring in Moscow behind the wheel of a Jeep Grand Cherokee drove into the oncoming lane and collided with "Lada", which driver, courier online-shop Sergey Zakharov, died from his injuries in the hospital. The Moscow Prosecutor's office stated that the actor at the time of the accident was in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. Efremov is under house arrest, for traffic violations committed in a state of intoxication and entailed on imprudence death of the person, to it threatens imprisonment for the term from five till 12 years.

The onf has proposed to create a unified database of Pets

The popular front proposes to create a single database of Pets to help find lost Pets, reports the press service of the movement.

The onf recalled that the state Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection intends to fix in the Code about administrative offences responsibility for the brutal methods of training, improper maintenance of animals and their use in contact zoos. Also in Cao propose to introduce fines for irresponsible owners who throw their Pets on the streets.

The onf has assessed the results of voting on amendments to the Constitution

Results of voting on amendments to the Constitution - a triumph of Russian President Vladimir Putin, said the head of the Executive Committee of the popular front Mikhail Kuznetsov.

"The result of the vote for the amendments to the Constitution - the triumph of our President, his vision for the future of our country", - quoted Kuznetsova, the press service of the onf.

RSM offers to create a platform of remote employment of young

The head of the Russian Union of youth Pavel krasnorutsky has proposed to create in Russia an online platform of remote employment of young people, which will allow to solve the problem of employment of young people, especially after the pandemic coronavirus.

Youth day is celebrated in Russia on June 27.

In Russia will work the information centre of the CEC for voting on amendments

Information center a nationwide vote on amendments to the Central election Commission starts work on Thursday, June 25.

As previously reported at the meeting of the CEC Deputy Chairman Nikolay Bulaev, from 25 to 30 June the information centre will be open from 12.00 to 15.00, 1 July from 10.00 am to begin work in continuous mode, it will last roughly until 15.00 on 2 July.

In Day of memory and grief, the Russians will create a "fire painting"

In Day of memory and mourning in the Russian regions will be held Patriotic events and installations, but the format will change because of the pandemic, one of the biggest is the traditional "Candle of memory", during which the inhabitants of all the constituent entities of the Russian Federation will light candles and lamps and create the "fire paintings" in memory of the fallen in the great Patriotic war.

The day of memory and grief is celebrated on June 22 - the anniversary of the great Patriotic war.

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