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NWF in may decreased by 245 billion rubles

The volume of the national welfare Fund of Russia (NWF) may, as of June 1, declined in rubles by 245 billion, to 12,161 trillion rubles and in dollars grew by 3.5 billion – to 171,889 billion, said the Ministry of Finance.

"As of June 1, 2020 the volume of NWF was 12 161 482,2 million rubles, or 10.7% of GDP projected for the year 2020", - stated in the message. This is equivalent to 171 888,9 million dollars. The volume of liquid Fund assets (balances with the Central Bank) amounted to the equivalent of 8,205 trillion rubles, or 7.2% projected for the current year GDP, which is equivalent 115,969 billion dollars.