Latest News - #The murder of Ukrainian rapper in St. Petersburg

SK spoke about the identity of the rapper, whose body was dismembered

Investigators in St. Petersburg have been able to establish the identity of dismembered men after comparing the fragments of his body with the photo in the passport, the press service of the municipal Department of insurance.

Earlier, a source in law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti on Wednesday was detained by the spouse of a citizen of Ukraine suspected in the dismemberment of her husband in St. Petersburg, who died from a drug overdose. Fragments of the body were Packed in five packages. According to the woman, her husband died four days ago, she dismembered the body. On the spot seized a knife, cutting Board, plastic basin. According to local media, the victim known as the Ukrainian underground rap artist, participant of the Battle Versus Andy Cartwright (real name - Alexander Yushko).