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Bonia explained his words about "alcoholics and neseblod"

The former participant "Houses-2" and TV presenter Victoria Bonya commented on his scandalous statement about the recipients of the minimum wage, stating that she was not referring to all Russians, and only people suffering from alcoholism, the corresponding video she has published in his Instagram.

Bonia previously called receiving the minimum wage "are inept alcoholics and lowlifes". In her opinion, support should be given to entrepreneurs.

Bonia called living on the minimum wage of Russians are alcoholics and rogue

The former participant "Houses-2" and TV presenter Victoria Bonya Instagram was criticized in the Russians, who earn a minimum wage.

She believes that the aid is necessary to provide entrepreneurs whose business stopped for two months because of a pandemic coronavirus.

Prigogine ready to help "impoverished musicians" money

Russian producer Joseph Prigogine in an interview with "Moscow speaking" stated willingness to pay stranded musicians the money that he had allocated state.

He also thanked the country's leadership for help.

Valery clarified the confusion with the "appeal for help" in the form of a minimum wage

Valeria said that she and her husband Joseph Prigozhin not sought help in the form of a minimum wage, calling the reports false.

Recently, because of the words of Prigogine that popular artists troubled in connection with the cancellation of performances, the conflict broke out with musician Sergei Shnurov. Also about the plight and told the showman Sergey Glushko, known under the name of Tarzan. He said that artists do not get a penny, unlike the "grandparents".