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In Ufa opened the largest manufacture of units of helicopter engines

United engine Corporation (UEC, part of rostec state Corporation) has opened in Ufa, the country's largest center for the manufacture of units of helicopter engines on the basis of "UEC-Ufa engine industrial Association" ("ODK-Ufa engine industrial Association"), the correspondent of RIA Novosti news from the opening ceremony.

New industrial site is focused on the output nodes of the serial and advanced helicopter engines in the power class up to 5 thousand horsepower VK-2500, TV3-117, VK-650V, VC-1600V for civil and military helicopters, including the most massive machines in the world of the Mi-8/17 series, strike helicopters Mi-28 and Ka-52 and Ka-226T and Ka-62.

India wants to buy Russian spare parts for military equipment, the media are writing

India intends to sign with Russia a defense contract worth $ 800 million for the supply of spare parts and weapons, told the publication Defense News with reference to the representative of the Indian Ministry of defense.

Another representative of the defense Ministry of India said that the country has asked the Russian rapid supply of spare parts for su-30MKI fighters, submarines Kilo-class and T-90 tanks as well as missiles and ammunition for the fighters, tanks, warships and submarines Russian production. The publication does not specify if the request is within the contract.

India has asked Russia to speed up delivery of MANPADS "Needle", write media

Led by defence Minister of India delegation at the talks in Moscow, asked to accelerate the supply of portable anti-aircraft missile complexes "Igla", assault rifles and ammunition for the various Russian systems, according to the publication the Economic Times, citing an informed source.

Arrived in Moscow for the Victory parade the Minister of defence of India Rajnath Singh earlier held talks with Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yuri Borisov, to discuss contracts in the defense sector. After the talks, Singh said that "all current contracts will not only be supported, but their completion will be accelerated".