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The Consul was allowed to visit the detainees in Belarus Russians

The head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus made Russian Consul to visit detained in the Republic of compatriots, told RIA Novosti the representatives of the Embassy in Minsk.

"Now wait, technically, that the resolution was passed and staff could carry out their duties," — stated in the message of the Embassy.

SK of Belarus revealed details of the accusations against the detained Russians

A group of Russians from the private military company Wagner, detained in Belarus, suspected of preparing mass disturbances, the question about the use of remand in custody, reported the press service of the Investigative Committee of the Republic.

"Against (Belarusian oppositionists) Mikalai Statkevich Sergei Tikhanovski and other persons criminal case on the fact of preparation of mass riots... Also yesterday, the results of the inspection of operational information received from intelligence services, on suspicion in Commission of the specified crime was arrested 33 citizens of the Russian Federation, the staff of PMCs Wagner, who lived on the territory of the sanatorium "Belorusochka" of Minsk region", - said the press service.