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The concentration of toxic benzene in the atmosphere of the ISS crew not in danger

A new device brought in late July, the Russian cargo ship "Progress", showed that the concentration of toxic benzene in the atmosphere of the International space station is the norm, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of the Roscosmos.

Benzene was recorded in the air of the ISS in April. First, its concentration remained at the level of 65 micrograms per cubic meter, and then began to rise. However, as reported in may, RIA Novosti news Agency "Roskosmos", the concentration did not exceed maximum permissible norm and do not threaten the crew. The source of benzene is still not found. To reduce its concentration, the crew has installed carbon filters.

Roskosmos announced the next release of the Russian cosmonauts from the ISS

The next spacewalk by Russian cosmonauts aboard the International space station is planned till the end of 2020, told RIA Novosti the representative of the press service of Roscosmos.

In August, the magazine "Russian space" produced by Roscosmos, said that the cosmonauts Sergei and Sergei Ryzhikova the Code-Sverchkova that on the ship "Soyuz MS-17" will go on a six-month flight to the ISS in October 2020, will perform two spacewalks under the designations of EVA-and EVA 47-48.

Rogozin has challenged Elon musk

The General Director of "Rosatom" Dmitry Rogozin urged not to exaggerate the role successful completion of the first manned test flight of the spacecraft SpaceX Crew Dragon, inviting my American colleagues to try to repeat the record of Russian ships at the speed of flight on the ISS.

According to him, the Crew Dragon from SpaceX and the future from Boeing Cockpit are more spacious and comfortable, but only analogues of the Russian "Soyuz MS".

The spacecraft Crew Dragon returned to Earth

The spacecraft Crew Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Florida, completing the first manned flight to the International space station.

He touched the water in the calculation 21:48 Moscow time.

Group Turbolet on the "Union" will be presented at the beginning of 2021

The names of the participants of the first ever group of tourist flight to the ISS on Russian spaceship "Soyuz" will be announced early next year, reported RIA Novosti in the press service of the Roscosmos.

Earlier in the Russian office of Space Adventures RIA Novosti reported that signed contracts with space tourists for a project on the Russian Soyuz in 2021.

The Russian segment of the ISS will add the new module

New Russian multipurpose laboratory module "Nauka" launch to the International space station in April 2021, told reporters the head of "Roskosmos" Dmitry Rogozin.

"We plan to start in April next year", - said Rogozin.

Nikolai Tikhonov left the cosmonaut team because of an injury

Cosmonaut Nikolai Tikhonov, who received an eye injury and was removed from the crew for flight on the International space station, leaving the cosmonaut corps, told the Moscow cosmonaut training Center.

"The thirty-first of July, terminated the employment contract with a test-cosmonaut Nikolai Tikhonov Tikhonov... decided to leave the cosmonaut corps in connection with the recent new data on the state of health", - is spoken in the message on the organization's website.

The number of fragments exploding in orbit, the Russian tank has tripled

The amount of debris in the tank of the upper stage "Fregat" exploded in space in may, has nearly tripled from 65 to 175, follows from the data of the U.S. air force published on the dedicated website space-track.org.

According to the American military tank "Frigate" exploded in orbit on may 8, this resulted in 65 of the wreckage. Roskosmos confirmed the destruction, noting that the debris threatened the International space station and Russian satellites.

Russia launched the ISS own Internet

The Russian segment of the ISS hooked up to a broadband satellite communication channel with the Earth and eliminating the need to use American communication channels, according to the Rocket-space Corporation (RKK) "Energy" - the operator of the Russian segment of the station.

All the years of ISS operation up to this point, astronauts could communicate with Earth only flying over Russian territory, and, if necessary, when outside of these areas used the American funds.

Delivered "Progress" devices not found toxic benzene in the air of the ISS

American gas delivered to the Russian cargo ship "Progress", is not found toxic benzene in the atmosphere of the International space station, said NASA.

Earlier the space Agency said that "the Progress MS-15", arriving at the station on July 23 was taken two detector Draeger and 90 test records to search for a source of benzene.

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