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Turkey adopted the law on regulation of social networks

The Turkish Parliament passed a bill on regulation of social networking, according to the results of the vote.

As stated by the head of the parliamentary faction of the ruling justice and development party (AKP) Ozlem Zengin, according to the bill introduced in Parliament the AKP and consists of 9 paragraphs, large social networks with number of users more than 1 million will be required to have representation in Turkey, whose head must be a citizen.

Turkey imposed a fine for violation of mask mode

The Ministry announced the introduction Monday of a monetary fine in the amount of 900 Turkish liras (about 130 USD) for violation of mask mode on the background of the pandemic coronavirus.

Informed violators of mask mode only warned. The tightening position of the authorities is due to the fact that during recent weeks the number of new cases of coronavirus in the country during the day, increased up to 1-1,5 thousand, whereas previously it dropped to 700-800.

Turkey intends to resume flights to Russia from 15 July

Turkey hopes to resume regular flights to Russia from 15 July and waiting for the confirmation from the Russian side, described in the circular of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Turkey at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

Thursday resumed international flights from the airports of Istanbul and Ankara after a 2.5 month break due to pandemic coronavirus. Turkish national carrier Turkish Airlines has operated flights to Germany, Britain and the Netherlands.