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Belarusian law enforcers have complained the protests received injuries

Law enforcement officers of Belarus told about the injuries sustained during clashes with protesters in the country. Video with their participation published on the YouTube channel of the Ministry of interior of Belarus.

Employee of the Minsk police Department said that he was in the hospital once during one of the unauthorized actions of the security forces was attacked.

The opposition rally was held in Minsk no arrests

The rally of opposition supporters took place on Sunday in Minsk without incidents and arrests, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova.

In Minsk on Sunday was a rally of opponents of the current Belarusian authorities, the event was coordinated with the city authorities. The protesters marched from the Stela "Minsk – hero city" to House the government, they held a protest near the prison where some of the leaders of the Belarusian opposition. According to media reports, the number of participants could exceed 100 thousand people.

In Minsk there took place demonstrations of supporters of Lukashenka and the opposition

Two different rally took place on Sunday in Minsk: one gathered supporters of the incumbent President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, on the other — the opposition. If in the first, according to the interior Ministry, was attended by about 65 thousand people, in the second, according to various estimates, from 100 to 200 thousand. Information about the clashes and mass arrests were reported.

Mass protest actions of the opposition started in Belarus on 9 August, after the presidential elections, which, according to the CEC, Lukashenko won 80.1 percent of the vote. In the first days of the action were suppressed by the security forces against protesters who disagree with the results, used tear gas, water cannons, stun grenades, and rubber bullets. Security forces then stopped to disperse the rallies and enforcement. According to official data, during the first days, more than 6.7 thousand people were arrested. As reported the interior Ministry, during the riots injured hundreds of people, among them more than 120 law enforcement officers, one protester was killed.

Belarusians threw it in the trash in the form of special forces

A few people who claim to have served in law enforcement agencies of Belarus, has recorded a video in which they throw their shape. In footage posted on the page in Instagram.

Evgeny Novitsky from the satellite city of Minsk Logoysk posted on his Instagram video, which his brother says that he can not be proud of where he served, and cannot store the form that is visible stripe "special forces", at home, and then throws it in the trash.

Two manufacturers of the Molotov cocktail was detained in Minsk

In Minsk the riot police detained two young men for making the Molotov cocktails, the press Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Belarus Olga Chemodanova.

Two residents of the Belarusian capital was stopped Wednesday night on the street Jakubowski.

In Belarus ended the fourth day of protests

Protests against results of presidential elections in Belarus continues the fourth day. Now all four of the opposition candidate for the post of head of state requires to cancel the results of voting. And although the environment had fewer collisions between protesters and militiamen, as a result of collisions of cars per day brought down the employee of GAI.

Mass protests began across Belarus on 9 August, after the presidential election, won by incumbent Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko, according to the CEC, he scored 80,08% of the vote. Sunday evenings in the country are unauthorized protests, the protesters are building barricades, the police dispersed them with the help of special equipment.

Riot police cleared Independence Avenue in Minsk

Riot police in Minsk cleaned both sides of the Independence Avenue near the shopping center "Spectrum" (the North-Eastern outskirts of the city, outside Moscow), reports Sputnik of Belarus.

The protesters who stood along the roadway, was detained.

Human Rights Watch called on the UN to examine violence in Belarus

Representatives of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch urged the UN special Rapporteur on Belarus to investigate the violence after the recent presidential election, said on the organization's website.

"The UN special Rapporteur on Belarus should immediately investigate the violence after the elections and to provide urgent updated information to the public, as well as recommendations for action to the protection and responsibility in response to increasing tough measures by the government and serious human rights violations," reads the statement.

The Committee to protect journalists urged Minsk not to interfere with the press in the country

Based in new York, a non-governmental organization "Committee to protect journalists" (CPJ) has called on the Belarusian authorities not to interfere with press to cover events in the country and investigate attacks on them.

According to the Committee, when reporting on the riots attacked the police on Sunday attacked at least four journalists, at least five were arrested. Also on Monday was detained at least three journalists in Hrodna, said the Committee.

The interior Ministry responded to a question about victims of the protests in Minsk, the security forces

Operational situation in the headquarters set up in connection with the conduct of the Belarus presidential election, has information that during the unauthorized protests in Minsk were injured, law enforcement officials, told RIA news the press-Secretary of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Republic Olga Chemodanova.

"While no such information", - she said, answering the question of whether victims of law enforcement officers during protests in Minsk.

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