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In Moscow robbed the apartment of the Manager of the Department of "Roscosmos"

Unknown stole items and money from apartments on Krylatsky hills in Moscow in a million roubles, has informed a press-service gumvd across Moscow.

Unknown, damaging the sliding door, climbed into the apartment on the third floor and stole jewelry, three pairs of wrist watch and money.

In St. Petersburg, the tenants helped to catch a burglar

Residents of the house in the Kirovsky district of St. Petersburg helped to detain a man who tried to break into someone else's apartment, reports a press-service gumvd across Petersburg and Leningrad region.

"In the Kirov district of St. Petersburg residents of the home helped to detain a man who tried to enter the apartment," - said in the message.

In Samara the explosion injured a police officer

A policeman arrived on a call about a family scandal, suffered minor injuries in the explosion in Samara, told RIA Novosti press-service gumvd in the region.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, in the evening, the police received a message about the brawl in the Leninsky district of the city, arrived at the scene by the police.

Foreigners-participants of the fight in Moscow may restrict entry to Russia

In the case of foreigners who were involved in a mass brawl in Marino and armed attack on a café can be a decision on temporary restriction on entry to Russia, the press service of the MIA.

Earlier the police reported that on the night of July 24 in Marino there have been a number of conflict situations. One of them, the man was injured, damaged a car, which he was. Also unknown in the cafe, threatening visitors and staff, openly stolen from the cash of 50 thousand rubles, damaged property, and then from the scene disappeared. Have been detained more than 25 people.

In Podolsk opened a case against the mother of the boy fell from the window

The fact of abandonment in danger opened after the fall of the boy from the window in Podolsk, the chief reported a press-services gumvd of Russia across Moscow region Tatyana Petrova.

Earlier, police reported that the house in the street Ulyanov Podolsk boy leaned over the railing of the balcony on the fourth floor, falling child caught by the locals. The law enforcers could not get to the apartment, the door managed to open the emergency personnel, where they found 21-year-old mother with signs of alcoholic intoxication and her younger son. According to the interior Ministry, she was sleeping and did not notice the absence of the boy.

In St. Petersburg from nursery stole four dogs

Unknown stole four dogs with a protected area in Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg, is being checked, reports a press-service gumvd across Petersburg and Leningrad region.

"About 00.10 in the house 6b by the Gorbunova street in the village of Red between the two guards and unknown, penetrated the protected area, the conflict occurred. In the incident, unknown persons have carried with them four dogs. At present, in fact the incident is checked," - said in the message.

In Moscow detained the courier, wounding two people

The police detained the courier fired two people in the Moscow district of Strogino, the press service of the interior Ministry in the capital.

The night of July 20, the police received a report about shots fired. On the spot, the police found two victims - the unemployed resident of Moscow with gunshot wounds to the left arm and right leg and second-year student of the College with a gunshot wound to the thigh. They were hospitalized.

The police detained the participants of the dance on the ring road

The police detained the participants of the dance on the ring road, they drew up administrative protocols reported in a press-service gumvd across Moscow.

The police drew up administrative reports for violation of traffic rules, which created interference in the movement of machinery and the handling of the vehicle is not registered in the prescribed manner.

The apartment on Rublevsky highway in Moscow shooting occurred

Police checks on the fact of shooting in the apartment on Rublevsky highway, told RIA Novosti press-service gumvd across Moscow.

According to police, 18 Jul girl born in 1996 met with a man born in 1973, after which he asked her to go to his house on Rublevsky highway. There they spend time together, and after night, trying to leave the apartment, the couple found that can't find the keys.

In Kuzbas have detained the brawler, started a fight with the conductor of the tram

Police in Novokuznetsk have detained the brawler, lashed out at the guard of the tram, the press service of the interior Ministry in the Kemerovo region.

Earlier in the network appeared the video, where the passenger tram pounces on the girl-conductor, hits and pushes her, causing the conductor falls. The conductor did not panic and gave the bully back.

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