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In Altai Krai there was a fatal accident with a truck and a passenger car

Five people were killed in accidents with cars and trucks in Rubtsovsk district of the Altai territory, one person was hospitalized, reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the report, the accident occurred on the evening of August 16, a 265-kilometer of the highway of Federal significance "Barnaul – Rubtsovsk" A-322.

The emergencies Ministry said the number of road accident victims in the Khabarovsk region

Two cars collided in the Khabarovsk region, four people were killed, including one child, three people were hospitalized, reported the press service of EMERCOM of Russia.

According to the report, the accident involving two vehicles occurred in the Khabarovsk territory on 64-m kilometre of a highway Khabarovsk - Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

The witness of the death of Tsoi revealed details of the tragedy

The witness of the accident, which killed the rock musician Viktor Tsoi, told the NTV channel about the new details of the tragedy.

The woman who called herself Parsley, lives a hundred meters from the place where the crashed Choi. According to her, she witnessed the car Tsoi swept past her house at high speed, then abruptly jumped into the oncoming lane and crashed into the bus. Parsla noted that the blow was of such force that the engine of the car flew to the tree.

Cepstral Moscow denied the information about beating patient a nurse

The Department of health of Moscow has denied the information about the bullying of a nurse over a patient with a disability in one of the hospitals in the city, according to the website of the Moscow Department of health

Earlier in mass media appeared information that the patient is disabled accused the nurse of one of the Moscow clinics abuse: after discharge, the pensioner told the son that the hospital she allegedly unjustly beaten and strangled. What about the clinic in question were not reported.

Angloromani a child in Sochi, the father explained his actions

The man was arrested in Sochi for waving on a video baby, like a doll, he explained his action. Footage of his police interview were published by the TV channel REN TV.

Earlier in the instagram account of the inhabitant of Sochi has a video in which a man sitting on a chair in the woods, holds the leg of the baby, waving them like a puppet, and whistling a tune. The police after the publication of the video of the beginning of the test. Also, the story drew the attention of the Commissioner for children's rights in Russia Anna Kuznetsova. On Saturday law enforcement agencies have established the identity of the baby's parents. They were 35-year-old Muscovite and 27-year-old native of Belgorod.

Malicious avtohuliganov proposed to deprive the rights

Penalties for disorderly conduct can increase if it has been done repeatedly, and the worst offenders, which involved more than two times, plan to deny driver's license for hooliganism with the use of the car. The corresponding bill prepares in the state Duma, told RIA Novosti the author of the initiative, the Chairman of the Committee on family, women and children Elena Vtorygina.

The Deputy explained that currently the responsibility for repeated disorderly conduct comes only for such actions on the Internet, including in respect of power.

Of shares in the Belarusian Embassy in Moscow detained three people

Police detained at least three people at an unsanctioned rally near the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the event.

Thursday, August 13, in the region of 18 hours, the protesters gathered outside of the Embassy of Belarus in Moscow against the results of the election results in Belarus, which were won by Alexander Lukashenko.

Named the main version of the investigation Legkostupova, lapsed into a coma

Russian singer Valentine Legkostupova received a head injury, hitting his head in the bathroom after a fall. This version, according to REN TV, the police consider as the main one.

On admission Legkostupova it became known on Tuesday. According to some media reports, the singer was in a drug treatment clinic in a state of alcoholic intoxication, with a broken head and bruises all over her body. Later she went into a coma, the doctors are trying to relieve brain swelling.

Vice-miss "read-2019" died during illegal racing

In Chita as a result of the tragedy killed the second Vice-miss beauty contest "Chita-2019", the sportswoman Tatyana derbina. This was reported on the page in "Vkontakte" Chita state factory stables, where the girl engaged in equestrian sport.

As said the publication of "Chita.ru" the eyewitness of the tragedy, the girl removed the illegal races on motorcycles. During one of them she tried to run out on the road to search for the best angle, then fell under the wheels of a motorcycle.

The lawyer's chances of Ephraim to escape punishment because of illness

Lawyer Alexander Pachev said in an interview with "Evening Moscow" that the state of health of the actor of Michael Efremova may affect the execution of the sentence.

Ephraim became ill on the way to the Presnensky court. The building actually brought, and within five minutes the ambulance arrived. The bailiffs carried him to a stretcher. According to the lawyer of the actor Elman Pashayev, doctors suspected he had a pre-stroke or pre-stroke conditions. The court hearing was postponed to Wednesday, August 12.

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