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Investigators began removing the remains of those killed by the Nazis at Stalingrad

Russia's investigative Committee in the case of genocide in the years of the great Patriotic war began removing the remains of victims killed by the Nazis at Stalingrad, interviewed witnesses of the killings, reported on the Agency's website.

Earlier it was reported that the UK opened a criminal case on the genocide of the people of Stalingrad by the Nazis in 1942-43.

"The blow was terrible:" who attacked the Soviet Union after the Victory in 1945

Transfer powerful groups across the country, a surprise attack and complete defeat of the vast army of the enemy in less than a month — exactly 75 years ago, July 30, 1945, in the far East have formed the Main command of the Soviet troops. A few days began the Manchurian strategic operation. About how the Soviet Union helped the Anglo-American allies to defeat Japan — in the material RIA Novosti.

Focused on the far East, Soviet troops commanded by Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevsky, in early July, arrived in Chita. The actions of the Navy and the air force was coordinated by Admiral of the fleet Nikolai Kuznetsov and air chief Marshal Nikolay Novikov.

Shoigu was awarded the medal of the Minister of defence of Serbia for the contribution to the Victory parade

The Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu awarded the medal to his Serbian counterpart Alexander Vulin for their contribution to the organization of the Victory day parade in Moscow, reported the Ministry of defense of Serbia.

The President of Serbia Alexander Vucic and Minister of defence delegation was received on 24 June, the participation in the Victory parade in Moscow. On the red square in festive ranks were 75 Serbian guards.

In Samara opened the bust of Hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov

A bust of the commander of the airborne troops, hero of the Soviet Union Vasily Margelov opened in Samara, said on Sunday the press service of the Central military district.

"In Samara in Victory Park inaugurated a bust of the commander of airborne troops General of the army Vasily Margelov", - stated in the message.

In Baltiysk the crews of the warships have carried out live firing

The crews of the warships have carried out live firing in the Navy Day in Baltiysk and commander of the Baltic fleet (BF) Admiral Alexander Nosatov congratulated military sailors on the holiday, said on Sunday the Department of information support the press service of the Western military district BF.

It is clarified that in the naval parade and military-sporting festival in the Baltic were involved in more than 46 combat ships, boats, speed boats and support vessels, more than 20 units of military equipment of the army corps, the Ka-27 naval aviation, as well as over 1.5 thousand servicemen of BF.

Two more cases opened for the photo Nazis on the site "Immortal regiment"

The investigative Committee opened two criminal cases on the rehabilitation of Nazism due publication of photos of Nazis on the website of the project "Immortal regiment". This was reported by the official representative of Department Svetlana Petrenko.

As established investigators, the inhabitant of the Kemerovo Dmitry Borodaenko uploaded the "memory Bank" with a picture of Adolf Hitler, and Maxim Gusev from Perm — a photo of the traitor, of the SS Andrei Shkuro.

Estonia has reburied the remains of Soviet soldiers 98

98 the remains of the Soviet soldiers on Friday reburied in a mass grave in the cemetery of the village of sinimäe near Narva, said a member of the Board of the Estonian Narva Kand, which is engaged in exploration works, Daniil Galitsky.

According to him, 98 the remains of Soviet soldiers killed in 1944 during the liberation of Narva, was discovered by searchers over the last three years. The search was conducted in the surroundings of Narva, where there was very heavy fighting and losses were great.

Poland becomes an instrument of the West against Russia, the politician said

Poland, on the state level engaged in falsification of facts relating to the Second world war, now becomes a weapon that the West is using against Russia on the field of history, said Polish politician, former Deputy of the Sejm, Mateusz Piskorski.

He spoke Friday at the international online round table "memory of the liberation of Central and Eastern Europe from Nazism", organized by the Russian historical society.

In the Krasnodar region opened a monument to the victims of the Holocaust

Monument to Jews executed by the Nazis in 1942 in the village of Novoshcherbinovskaya, Krasnodar Krai, opens on Thursday at the initiative of local residents, said the press service of the Russian Jewish Congress (RJC).

A memorial in the City opened the burial place of the 202 people who were executed by the Nazis on 8 September 1942. Most of them were Jewish refugees from the territory of modern Moldova and Romania.

The historian found out the details of the shipwreck off the coast of Crimea in 1941

Military historian, consultant undersea research centre of the Russian geographical society (RGS) Alexander Skorbach, who studied the circumstances of the death of the ship "Armenia" in 1941, from German aircraft, explained the tragedy of coincidence: the Soviet fighter, "covering" the ship upon his departure from Yalta, distracted, chasing enemy aircraft.

The motor ship "Armenia" of the project "Adjara" was built in 1928 in Leningrad. A ship of 950 passengers were rebuilt as transports at Odessa in 1941. Is part of the cabins was organized, operating, and dressing, it was supposed to take about 400 wounded. The sixth of November 1941 in Sevastopol on Board went up a few thousand people: citizens, patients, doctors and staff of several hospitals, the part of the party leadership of the Crimea, members of the pioneer camp "Artek" and their families. In the panic of evacuation accurate count no lead.

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