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The Federation Council approved the law on purchases of state companies

The Federation Council at session on Friday has approved two laws about the minimum share purchases by contractors and the state companies of Russian products.

One of them gives the government the right to determine the minimum percentage of the state (with the exception of the SVR, FSB, organs of state security), and municipal customers of the Russian goods, works and services, in which they are used.

The details of the visit of the head of Soviet intelligence in Germany in 1940 classified

Details of the visit of the legendary head of the Soviet foreign intelligence of Paul of Phytin in Germany in 1940 still carry a secret, but after the trip to the Berlin station was able to establish the receipt of valuable information about the preparation of the Third Reich's aggression against the Soviet Union, said the Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin.

Article Naryshkin in "Rossiyskaya Gazeta", dedicated to Phytin, opens a series of publications about the history of Russian foreign intelligence, the centenary which will be celebrated in December this year.

Naryshkin called for the expulsion of diplomats from the Czech Republic, a vile provocation

The decision to expel Russian diplomats vile and despicable provocation on the part of the authorities of the Czech Republic, the response from Russia will follow, said Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia (SVR) Sergei Naryshkin.

On Friday Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish, citing intelligence agencies, said that the Czech government made a decision about expulsion of two Russian diplomats, which is associated with the story about the alleged transport of the Czech Republic Russian diplomat of the poison ricin. As reported by RIA Novosti Deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo Mikhail Bryukhanov sent employees must leave the Czech Republic within 48 hours.