Latest News - #The expulsion of Russian diplomats from Czech Republic

Two expelled from Moscow of Czech citizens left the territory of Russia

Two Czech citizens expelled from Moscow in response to the expulsion of two Russians from Prague, had already left the territory of the Russian Federation and are on your way home, said Wednesday the press-Secretary of the Czech foreign Ministry, Zuzana Stihova.

On Monday, Czech Ambassador in Moscow Vítězslav Pivonka was summoned to the foreign Ministry where he was informed that two citizens of the Czech Republic, working in Moscow, declared persona non grata and have 48 hours to leave the territory of the Russian Federation. These actions were taken in retaliation after expulsion in early June from Prague two Russian diplomats.

Expelled from the Czech Republic, the diplomats will return to Russia on Sunday

Expelled from Prague, the employees of the Russian center of science and culture will return to Russia on Sunday night, reported RIA Novosti Deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo Mikhail Bryukhanov.

On Friday Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babish, citing intelligence agencies, said that the Czech government made a decision about expulsion of two Russian diplomats, which is associated with the story about the alleged transport of the Czech Republic Russian diplomat of the poison ricin. As reported by RIA Novosti Bryukhanov sent to the Agency must leave the Czech Republic within 48 hours.