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Trump promised to "substantially" to help Lebanon

The President of the United States Donald trump promised a "substantial" assistance to Lebanon.

"Many countries are going to help," trump said to reporters on Sunday. The US President participated in a meeting of the group leaders for assistance to Lebanon, which convened the President of France Emmanuel macron.

After the explosion in Beirut arrested 16 people

In the case of the blast in Beirut security forces arrested 16 employees of the port, reported the National news Agency of Lebanon, the representative of the military court, acting judge Fadi Akiki.

According to Lebanese media, a special Commission of the Central Bank of the country in combating money laundering ordered to freeze all Bank accounts of the leadership of the state customs and the port.

Media: the Director of the Beirut port was detained on the case about the explosion

Director of the port of Beirut Hassan Koraytem was among 16 detained in the framework of the first phase of the investigation of the explosion at the port, which occurred on Tuesday evening and claimed the lives of 137 people, told Lebanese LBC TV channel, citing sources in the Prosecutor's office.

As stated earlier Koraytem, he knew about the storage in the port explosives, but had no idea that they are so dangerous. He also noted that the port services some time in 2014 informed the judicial authorities about the presence of dangerous goods but have not received any response from them, what to do with him.

Second plane MOE Russian aid arrives in Beirut

Second plane with Russian equipment and specialists to assist after the devastating explosion arrived in Beirut, reported the press service of the emergencies Ministry.

Il-76 taking off from Zhukovsky, landed at 22:05.

The Pentagon intends to find out the circumstances of the explosion in Beirut

The United States collect information about the explosion in Beirut and preparing to provide humanitarian assistance, said the Minister of defense mark Esper.

"We're still gathering information about what happened. Most believe it was an accident, as was reported. In addition, I can not say anything," said Esper, speaking at a video conference in the framework of Asinovskogo forum.

Trump, who called the explosion in the Beirut attack, doubted this version

No one knows whether the explosion in the Beirut attack or not, said the President of the United States Donald trump.

A powerful explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut on Tuesday evening. As reported by the authorities, the cause was improper storage of 2750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate, damaged half the buildings of the city and the hospitals are overcrowded because of the large number of victims. The government of Lebanon announced three days of mourning for the victims of the tragedy. According to recent reports, more than 135 people have died and about 5 thousand were injured. Many people still considered missing.

The death toll in the explosion in Beirut exceeded 50

The death toll in the explosion at the port of Beirut has exceeded 70 people, said the Minister of health of Lebanon, Hamad Hassan, the Lebanese MTV channel.

According to the health Ministry, the number of victims has exceeded 3,7 thousand.

Beirut declared a disaster area

The Supreme defense Council of Lebanon on the outcome of the emergency meeting in connection with the explosion at the port of the capital Beirut declared the town a disaster area, reports channel Sky News Arabia.

According to his data, the Council recommended that the government of Prime Minister Hassan Diab to announce in the capital of the state of emergency.

In Beirut, want to impose a state of emergency in two weeks

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diab believes that after the explosion in the port of the capital Beirut it is necessary to introduce a state of emergency in the city for a period of two weeks.

With such statement the head of the Lebanese government spoke at an emergency meeting of the Supreme defense Council of Lebanon, informs on Wednesday, the office of the President of the Arab country, Michel Aoun.

Lebanese Prime Minister called the cause of the explosion in Beirut

The Prime Minister of Lebanon Hassan Diyab said the cause of the explosion in the port of Beirut, which killed more than 70 people, improper storage 2750 tons of ammonium nitrate for six years, says the office of the President of Lebanon on the social network Twitter.

The Diyab offered to form a Commission to investigate the incident, which 48 hours will need to determine the cause of the accident and identify responsible.

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