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Lawyers on the case of Ephraim promised consequences for their "show"

Plenipotentiary representative of the Federation Council in the constitutional court, Senator Andrey Klishas condemned the behavior of the attorneys for the parties in the case of Michael Efremova and warned that "vaudeville" lawyers can expect consequences.

Previously, the Federal chamber of advocates (FCA) has expressed concern that the defender of the interests of the family of the deceased in an accident with Ephraim Alexander Dobrovinsky and the actor's lawyer Elman Pashayev divulge attorney-client privilege and used the accident to self-promotion, working with the media. In the house opened a disciplinary case because of a violation of the code of ethics, and also warned that lawyers can make a warning, and in extreme cases to revoke the license.

The COP did not consider the appeal of the Russians for refusing her service as a sniper

The constitutional court of Russia dismissed Russian woman Yana Sergievoj in making her complaint to the decision which, according to the applicant, allows to refuse her contract service in the army as a sniper, arrow, engineer or driver, it follows from the court.

According to the definition of the constitutional court, published on the official website of the court, Sergeeva previously applied to the defense Ministry and Resguardo with a request to take her on a military service under the contract. As the materials on the pages of girls in social networks, she lives in Samara region and wants to be a sniper. In their responses to the war Department pointed out that "the passage of women's military service on the posts of driver, mechanic, sniper, arrow not provided," the definition of the COP.

The COP is obliged to change the law of the Samara region about public events

The constitutional court (CC) of Russia has recognized not corresponding Constitution of the Russian Federation article of the law of the Samara region about public events which prohibits their conduct is closer than 150 metres to schools, kindergartens, hospitals and temples, the materials of the court.

The COP on Friday published on its official website its decision on the case about the verification of constitutionality of article 34 of the law of the Samara region "On the procedure of notification about the public event and to ensure private implementation of the rights of citizens to hold public events in Samara region".