Latest News - #The collapse of the Malaysian Boeing under Donetsk

Protection in the case of MH17 believes that the APU could bring down a plane by accident

The Ukrainian military could shoot down Malaysian Boeing (flight MH17) in July 2014 in error, as it was with the Russian plane Tu-154 in 2001, said the Dutch lawyer of the defendant Oleg Pulatova Sabine ten Doeschate a court hearing in the Netherlands, who led the international investigation into the crash.

"Today we want to talk about the scenario under which the plane could be shot down by a Ukrainian SAM "Buk". Yesterday we talked about the other scenarios that this could be a military plane. It's true. But we don't know the answer to this question. Therefore, we also consider the scenario - whether it was a "Buk" and if he belonged to Ukraine", - said the lawyer at the hearings on Tuesday.

Protection accused on the case of MH17 will ask for testimony about the death of Voloshin

Protection accused on the case of the crash of flight MH17 Oleg Pulatova will request the testimony of the investigator investigating the death of a Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin, to clarify, could the death of the pilot to be connected with his role in the crash of a passenger plane, said the Dutch lawyer Sabine ten Doeschate at the court hearing on Monday.

Nineteenth March 2018 police of the Nikolaev area, Ukraine has reported that a former Ukrainian pilot Vladislav Voloshin who was suspected in the attack on the Boeing 777 Malaysia Airlines, had committed suicide. Name Voloshin is present in the testimony of the Ukrainian military, which takes place in Russia, a witness in the case of the Malaysian Boeing. He said that the airliner could bring down a plane piloted by Voloshin.

Lawyer: Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands jump to conclusions in the case of MH17

Dutch lawyer Boudewijn van Eyck, representing the court at the collapse of the Malaysian Boeing in the East of Ukraine the interests of the accused Oleg Pulatova, considers that the Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands lead an international investigation into the crash, jump to conclusions about the involvement of SAM "Buk" to the crash of flight MH17.

Hearings resumed on Monday after the break.

The United States will not provide the Netherlands depannya the launch of a rocket by MH17

The US government informed the Netherlands that they are unable to provide additional information about the launch of a rocket at the Malaysian Boeing (flight MH17) crashed in Ukraine six years ago, the document that was sent to them in 2014, said the presiding judge Hendrick of Stenches at the meeting in the case of the crash of a passenger plane.

Hearings on the crash of MH17 resumed on Monday.

Journalists have published a new video with witnesses of the crash MH17

The creators of the platform for independent journalists Media Bonanza, Jan Ereshova and Max van der Werff, the author of the documentary about the crash of malaysische Boeing (flight MH17) in Ukraine in 2014, he published on YouTube a new video with witnesses of the crash.

"At first all was quiet, and then began to fly overhead military aircraft. Seen one, just seen. Second, I could hear the sound, but it is unclear where he was. Again, all was quiet, two minutes have passed - over the head of a strong cotton. He raised his head to the sky to look, saw the trail from which - I don't know, but he was kind of horizontally... And saw already the clouds were falling plane," says another witness Boris.