Latest News - #The change of government in Bolivia

In Bolivia, Morales was accused of conspiracy in the case on the ventilator

The Deputy Minister for the fight against corruption of Bolivia Guido Melgar said that in the case of procurement of resuscitators at inflated prices appeared 17 new suspects associated with the previous government, including former President, Evo Morales.

According to Melgar, the authorities expanded the business to include 17 people associated with the previous government, including ousted President Morales, who is now in Argentina.

The new government of Bolivia will commence duties in October or November

The new government of Bolivia after the elections, will assume his duties in October-November, said the Supreme electoral court.

According to the published calendar of the election campaign, the presidential election, as decided earlier, will be held on 6 September. Preliminary voting results will be published on the same day and the final on September 29.

The Plenum of the Supreme court of Bolivia ousted Chairman and elected a new

The Plenum of the Supreme court of Bolivia, was elected on Tuesday the new President judge of ALVISA Ages after eight of the nine members of the court issued a vote of no confidence in former Chairman of Maria Cristina Diaz.

The dismissed Chairman, said before the elections about the insignificance of this procedure - a law establishing a three-year term of the mandate does not provide for its revocation by reason of loss of confidence.

Jeanine Agnes agreed to hold General elections in Bolivia on 6 September

Interim President of Bolivia Janine Agnes said he will sign the law on elections under pressure from the candidates and denied allegations of delaying the process to save power.

Agnes urged the main candidates - Luis Arce from the socialists of the movement, Evo Morales and Carlos Mesa from the right-wing forces, as well as the ex-President Morales - to take responsibility for the choices in the midst of a pandemic, which they require, and stressed that he had not received any scientific justification of the validity and security of this process.

The Parliament of Bolivia has blocked a loan from the IMF for $327 million

The Parliament of Bolivia voted against the adoption of credit in the amount of 327 million dollars to combat the coronavirus, which is the country approved the international monetary Fund (IMF) in response to the request of the interim government, according to local news Agency ABI.

According to the statement of the Deputy Minister of Finance and public credit Carlos Slinka, the parliamentary planning Commission explained this decision by the lack of documentation required for the approval of external loans. In particular, the deputies of the MAS party ("Movement to socialism") has asked the government to provide a credit agreement and Supreme decree confirming his power.

Acting President of Bolivia has suggested to postpone the General elections

Interim President of Bolivia Janine Agnes on Tuesday proposed to postpone General elections in the country until October or November in connection with the threat from COVID-19.

While the interim President said he would follow any decision of the Supreme electoral court.

The Bolivian government has demanded to resume the process against Morales

The transitional government of Bolivia has threatened Friday to take legal action, if the judiciary does not settle 15 Jun work to review dozens of cases against the ex-President Evo Morales.

"If not implemented at the institutional level, exit, or solution, to enable people to access justice, we will take necessary action and rest assured that ... on Monday we will take legal action to have the courts opened its doors," - said at a press conference the Minister of justice Alvaro Coimbra.