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This country is sliding into the abyss. The President got a friend out of jail

Trump took the decision to release from prison political consultant Roger stone. This can be considered a turning point in U.S. history — in the sense that American political life is finally moved from more or less restrained, at least formally, the framework of decency "Anglo-Saxon model" mode of political struggle in the style of a banana Republic in South America or some middle Eastern States, which can not get out of low intensity civil war.

Stone — old associate of the American President. As part of the investigation "of the trump of Russia", he was sentenced to 40 months in prison for "perjury before Congress" and not attempt to influence prosecution witnesses and "obstruction of justice" — that is, for resisting the "witch hunt" waged by the us prosecutors in search of Russian agents in the White house. Reputation as a "Martyr for trump's" stone deserved due to the fact that he essentially refused to negotiate the President, despite the enormous pressure exerted on him and on his family.

Who benefits from the arrest of Sergey Furgala

New high-profile arrest, this time in Khabarovsk's Governor Sergey Furgala — was the reason for numerous speculations. People have long been accustomed to the arrests Governor after five years ago has been arrested, the head of Sakhalin Khoroshavin, it has become common practice. Furgal was the fifth Governor of the region, arrested over the years, directly in the line of duty, and that's not counting those occasions when the Governor came after his resignation. So by itself, the arrest Furgala would not have caused very big resonance, if not for two but.

Furgal does not belong to the "United Russia" and LDPR, and took it not for "ordinary" corruption and charges of organizing assassinations and the creation of a criminal community. All of this gave a convenient ground for speculation. "Have him removed because he is not from United Russia, his chosen people!" is one claim. "What kind of personnel policy of the government, if governors are murderers?" is a different, somewhat contradicting the first, but it is a little embarrassing whistleblowers. Most importantly, what they convince all others — no it is not a crime and not a clean government, but infighting and political order. So saying, however, after any high-profile arrest, whether high official or Governor-United Russia, so there is nothing surprising in this. However, let us examine the points of "evidence".

The European Union will accelerate the development of Ukraine as an agricultural superpower

Between Ukraine and the European Union, a scandal erupted due to the timid attempts of the Square to support his dying engineering.

Background: on June 11 on the website of the Ministry of economy of Ukraine promulgated the draft government decree "Some issues of implementation of pilot project for the procurement of equipment machinery industry with a proven degree of localization of production." The decision was to be short-term only until December 31, 2021.

Rake Yanukovych. Why Zelensky flirts with radicals

Exactly five years ago on 11 July 2015, the war unleashed by Kiev in the Donbass and West Ukraine. Then the world was shocked by footage of the real military confrontation between right-wing radicals, armed to the teeth, and law enforcement officers in Mukachevo (Transcarpathian region). Then the militants "Right sector"* in broad daylight staged gang wars on the territory of the sports complex "Antares". They simply shot the security guard, openly, did not hesitate, in the yard of the complex. Thus threatening the people's Deputy Mikhail Lano, with whom they had a conflict over the redistribution of the market of smuggling in the region.

Then began the siege of the complex by the security forces. But the militants used machine guns, machine gun mounted on their vehicle, and even grenade launchers. In the end, they broke through the encirclement and fled to the Carpathian forests, which have been a partisan battle. Two people in the course of these clashes killed (in addition to dead guard), injuring six security officials and several civilians, bystanders, burned three police cars.

Chaos in America helped Europe to address the issue of "North stream — 2"

The Saga of building the "Nord stream — 2" is nearing its logical end, and the plot thickens: defense Minister of Germany has to answer the charges that earned gas money to Russia "will be able to spend on military purposes".

Associated aggravation with the fact that the Danish energy Agency was allowed to use for laying the remaining half a hundred kilometers of pipes vessels with anchor positioning. In this case, and the fact of issuance of the permit, and the terms in which it was made, point to the fundamental geopolitical changes.

The ban on broadcasting RT: how the West has forgotten how to work against Russia

Lithuania banned on its territory the broadcast of five television channels RT.

This happened a week after a similar step was taken by the Latvian authorities. The turn — Estonia, Minister of foreign Affairs which also did not exclude the possibility of the same solution.

"Do not give Ukraine the money, until she gives up"

The former head of the national Bank of Ukraine Valeria Gontareva, now living in London, urged the IMF to give Ukraine the money as long as the head of the NBU is appointed "the man who will defend the reforms." That is absolutely obedient to the IMF.

This Gontareva has responded to the resignation of his protege and successor, Jacob Smoliy, which sent it to the Verkhovna Rada. Votes gained by a large margin — 286, while 226 votes required, despite the lack of votes from the "arasatchi" part of the "Servant of the people".

Best does Russia American turmoil?

A new stage of the American crisis in the open phase already soon four years, and in recent weeks transformed into an open sedition, poses a simple question: what kind of America do we need?

These words, spoken by Harry S. Truman on June 23, 1941, is well known. That the Senator (and future President) then continued the sentence — "although I under no circumstances don't want to see Hitler win" — little difference. America — and the position of Truman was close not only to a large part of the elites, but for most ordinary Americans had no desire to participate in Europe erupted in war. And if sympathizers in Germany were many, and not only in the elite (after all, the contribution of the Germans in "American blood" than even English), then certainly for Communist Russia was sick quite a few. "Let them kill each other as long as possible" — was also a strategic calculation that part of the American Anglo-Saxon elite, who saw in a world war right chance to get the first role on the planet, finally edging out the parent civilization, the UK. Let them kill themselves — the British, the Germans, the Russians during the war, in any case weakened, and then America will rule the world. So, basically, happened — except that not the whole world, and for the most part: the Soviet Union emerged from the war a superpower, spreading its influence in Europe and Asia.

In the world of energy, there comes a time of chaos

Began the transformation of world energy is accompanied by a sharp "interspecific" and "intraspecific" fight: new sources of energy are competing with the old. In turn, the producers announced "leaving" (even if not immediately, but in the long term of several decades) of oil and gas is also actively compete among themselves for fear that in twenty or thirty years, their products will not be needed in such volumes and will remain partially unrealized. This is especially evident in the LNG sector, when an acute crisis has postponed a new wave of projects. Nevertheless, the company plans to resume construction of new plants even in the face of possible risks of overproduction.

How to understand who will be more successful in this competition? In a zero approximation the first lower non-market support measures for low-carbon energy sources. Then we can assume that the one will win who will offer a minimum price for their goods. The minimum price is, in turn, is determined by the cost. It would seem that everything is simple. In fact in such capital-intensive areas as energy, especially renewable energy, the cost of production/production of energy carriers or directly electricity depends crucially on the value of the invested money, as already in simple examples we discussed earlier.

A "live thread" and ties of the Russian state

Today enter into force amendments to the Constitution. After they have been approved by universal suffrage, the President signed a decree and speaking on 2 July about the outcome of the vote, described the current moment:

The expression "live thread" Putin uses not for the first time — the first time he used it in the fall of 2011, when they announced his nomination for the presidency after four years as Prime Minister. Then it has caused sharp discontent of the elite resulted in the Swamp. But Putin returned to the Kremlin — and for eight years has strengthened and changed the country, made her stronger and more confident. But why is he now, after the vote on the constitutional amendments, which showed huge support for his policies and him personally, speaks again about the "live thread"? Twenty years — and all the little for the construction of what is called for centuries?

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