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To declare cold war on America — why? China is in a hurry

If you are a global power, the other is the same power of global power announced, in fact, a cold war for decades to come — and many analysts in the world so this action and perceived, not true, it would be natural once on the call to answer. And also something to announce. However, China's response to the challenge of the USA turns out is very peculiar and at least leisurely.

The first Chinese reaction came in the external world in the form of journalism, that is, personal opinions of experts in different media. Well, another replica of the official representative the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the PRC. Waiting for the President's speech XI Jinping, who, as it was known, was going to speak at the annual meeting of Directors of the Asian infrastructure investment Bank, wait — here it is, the statement. About the fact that the Bank is a platform to build a global community with a common destiny, XI said. About Pompeo and the cold war — no.

"The vampire squid" has sounded the alarm: the dollar is waiting for the deprivation of the status of world currency

A large us Bank, known for its political influence and the fact that dozens of senior officials in various countries of the world are his former employees, made a shocking statement: the status of the dollar as the main world currency can come to an end.

Goldman Sachs is widely known in financial circles a structure, which manages assets in one trillion dollars, is highly respected on wall street, supplying conveyor method of their former employees in high positions in the Ministry of Finance of the USA, and also holds a dubious distinction — corporate moniker of "vampire Squid" (Vampire squid) which stuck to the jar with a light hand investigative journalist Matt Taibbi after the 2008 crisis. "The first thing you need to know about Goldman Sachs is that it everywhere. The world's most powerful investment Bank is a huge vampire squid wrapped around the face of humanity, relentlessly stickiwi its bloody funnel into everything that smells like money" — he wrote in the expanded investigation, published in the magazine the Rolling Stone in 2010. And since this description is haunting authoritative American financial structure.

"Black scheme": the internal enemy will destroy America, but can save Russia

Tomorrow at the Convention of the U.S. Democratic party (which will be held in online format) former Vice President Joe Biden, perhaps single-handedly choose the next President of the United States.

Rather, the future.

Why Khabarovsk protests will end soon

How and when to end the protests in Khabarovsk? Three weeks after the arrest of Governor Sergey Furgala and the start of mass rallies in his support on this issue seems to be no simple answer. The appointment to place Furgala eldepeerovtsa Mikhail Degtyarev has not dissuaded supporters of the arrested Governor, they still do not believe in his guilt and need to hold a trial in the capital region. Power structures do not prevent the peaceful, albeit illegal processions, and the Metropolitan radical opposition is trying to rekindle the spark in Khabarovsk in the Russian fire, at least in social networks and media, feeding the protests in the region almost as a rebellion against Moscow and Putin. President Putin has not commented on events in the region — not counting the conversation with the Mikhail Degtyarev, when he called the upcoming it work in Khabarovsk "work in a literal sense in the interests of the people." What is happening in Khabarovsk and where will it all end?

There are two dimensions of the Khabarovsk event — Federal and regional. Moreover, the regional dimension, of course, the main — although and understand the other people more difficult. Khabarovsk Krai is not a poor and depressed, there is no separatist tendencies, and the attitude to Putin is not much different from the national — that is, nothing extraordinary, causing particular concern of Moscow is not there. But in the Khabarovsk territory, the largest — along with the Primorye region of the Far East, there are enough strong local elite, but unlike Primorye Khabarovsk was not the frequent change of governors and a bitter confrontation between the mayor of the regional center and the head of the region.

The next leap Elon musk: what to expect

The first half of this year did not spoil humanity the good news, but any negative trend ends sooner or later. Commenting on the statements of the company Tesla, its permanent head Elon Musk announced a new horizon of technological progress — namely, that his team is working on creating intelligent and environmentally friendly home the new generation.

Rethinking previous experience, Musk intends to expand the range of interests and technical tasks. If earlier the company's activities were concentrated on three directions: production, storage and proper energy consumption, in the framework of the implementation of new ideas is the main technocrat planet also promises to solve the problem of clean and cheap heating, cooling, power for all household appliances and much more. That is, the target market has virtually no boundaries and new houses potentially interested people as hot regions, and regions where six months of snow.

Why the US is trying to revive the specter of the Communist threat?

Now Mike Pompeo will go down in history not as one of the most incompetent and narrow-minded (to put it mildly) secretaries of state of the United States, and as the man who declared war on China. The ideological war — and, as the first cold war with the Soviet Union, the current is declared, too, under anti-Communist slogans, which, however, combined with blatant nationalism. Preparing for the announcement were held over the last couple of years, and by Pompeo and the other leaders of trump, but the former captain of the us army had the honor to perform with full-scale anti-Chinese appeal.

Pompeo did it on Friday in the library Richard Nixon Yorba Linda in southern California — it "Communist China and the future of the free world" can be divided into three constituent elements. First — the demonization of China, the second — error analysis USA in the Chinese direction and the third proposal for dealing with China.

Ukraine stood in the uncomfortable position

Vladimir Zelensky after a long break, called Vladimir Putin. The sides discussed issues of implementation of agreements reached by leaders of 9 December 2019 in the framework of the "Norman format" and also welcomed the agreement on a full ceasefire in the Donbass in the framework of the Contact group — this information is available on the websites of both presidents.

The rest of the accents differ.

The main events in the world are not where we think

What was the periphery of global politics, rapidly turns out to be its epicenter — and, to keep pace with this reality, have to remember the names such as Chabahar (and many others). Already not tomorrow, but today's world is built, for example around complex explanation of the relationship between China, India and Iran (Chabahar and just in Iran). Or, say, around a globally explosive history of dam on the Nile, to begin changing relationship between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan, but then and other States. And do not say that you do not understand and uninteresting, because our future life will depend on all these Dabakarov and Nilov, whether you like it or not.

So Iran lost patience, threw out India from the grandiose project on construction of communications from the port of Chabahar in the Indian ocean to Afghanistan and beyond in Central Asia, Russia and other deep areas of Eurasia. Indian politicians wistfully talking about "lost opportunities" and, in fact, the devaluation of the greatest achievements of Delhi on the world stage in recent years.

China is doomed to a cold war 2 with America

Election of the President of the United States periodically cause the tide of optimism for those hoping that a return to the White house President from the Democratic party and the most radical hawks in the administration of Barack Obama will lead to the fact that the United States will once again focus on the fight against Russia. By and large, dreams of this kind (which are very nice for some Kiev politicians and analysts, as well as for Russian xenohaliotis US who truly hates Russia and its own citizens) are reduced to the formula "Biden will return a blessed 2014", and further to this formula, depending on your specific taste and imagination of the dreamer added, "a hell of sanctions" or even the attack on the Crimea forces of the U.S. Sixth fleet. To predict the results of the American elections — a thankless task, especially that it is very likely that their results will not be determined at the polling stations, and will be determined in the framework of military confrontation on the South American sample, but to speculate about what the priorities will have a foreign policy Biden, in that case, if he becomes President, it is really worth.

Let's start with the obvious: the opinion of Biden doesn't matter, because he, by and large, a walking political corpse, pumped with drugs and PR, to attract the maximum number of votes of Americans missed the "normality of the era of Obama" and that dreams (like some of the Kiev and Russian analysts) to return in 2014. In case of a successful seizure of power by the Democrats will lead the country not the President Biden, and a kind of shadow (or not shadow) "Politburo" of the Democratic party, which will have a series of internal problems and external challenges will not be very easy to handle. Russia Democratic party of the United States and especially the segment of the American elite, which lost the elections in 2016, will be sincerely and selflessly to hate on, but with the return of America in particular and the world at large in a conditional 2014 or beginning of 2016 there will be a very serious difficulty. Truly complex systems, especially those that are affected by several independent actors, it is impossible to "click" to return to some former state, has warned about the ancient thinkers, who celebrated impossibility "to enter twice into the same river".

The war with the monuments will not be able to export from the USA to Russia

The war with the monuments, going to USA, I want to export to Russia — and it's not about the decision to move the monument to merchant Alexander Baranov mastered the AK, with the Central area founded the city of Sitka (Novo-Arkhangelsk) to the Museum. Sheep now "a rapist and a murderer, racist, exterminated the local Indians", but then we can't do anything: Alaska sold half a century ago. No, it's about the fact that what is happening in America is beginning to refer to Russia — those who struggle with the monuments. The American experience is used for intimidation: see what happens when put the wrong sites, you don't want us to have, in the United States? Then respect our opinions, our feelings, our memories!

Alas, it is not so: after the revolution, Russian was imposed on a completely distorted picture of its history. Yes, impose it on ideological rather than national reasons (although the latter was also present) — but in the first couple of decades of the Soviet power Russian history was presented as a series of bloody crimes of the rulers and their lackeys. It is not surprising that it was demolished almost all monuments to Russian tsars, most of the monuments to the Russian generals — and then almost all of the war, which was waged by Russia was considered aggressive and colonial. Ermak, Suvorov, Skobelev was a Russian military leaders were guilty of something before the other part of the Russian people. About kings better not to remember — the tyrant on the tyrant, except that Peter I unofficially considered a precursor of the Bolsheviks. Before and during the war began a partial revision of the attitude to Russian history and to the time of the fall of the USSR, many of the great figures of our past were partially rehabilitated, while new monuments to kings (or returning old) speech could not be.

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