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Audit chamber to check its own performance for the 2019

The audit chamber checked his own execution of the budget in 2019 and found no violations, according to the message of Department.

Income office in 2019 amounted to 10.3 million rubles, and expenses - 4.6 billion rubles, the amount of unused funds - 3.7% of the appointed means of the Federal budget.

SP told about the taken measures on improvement of living conditions of persons with disabilities

Accept Russia measures to improve the living conditions of persons with disabilities is insufficient, and at current funding elimination of waiting list for state aid is more than 20 years, says the report of the accounting chamber.

It is noted that for those who got in line before 2005 and have not yet received housing, the problem is not resolved within 15 years. At the beginning of this year in line to receive government support remained more than 42 thousand people. Not better things and with those who stood on the account since 2005. To date, the local authorities on the housing account has about 2.5 million poor citizens, including people with disabilities about 63 thousand people.

SP called the most "open" of the ministries and departments in the year 2020

The Ministry of energy, Federal Agency for youth Affairs and the Federal service of court bailiffs (FSSP) topped the rating of openness of ministries and agencies in 2020, says the report "Openness of the state in Russia-2020" prepared by the accounting chamber in cooperation with ANO "Infoculture" Centre for policy and management decisions.

This rating began to be published only last year, and this year the methodology of the report has been significantly improved, although the areas of study remains the same: open information, open data, open dialogue.

SP called the most popular social network among Russian agencies

"Odnoklassniki" became the most unclaimed social network of the Federal bodies of Executive power (FA) of the four most popular in Russia, says the report "Openness of the state in Russia-2020" prepared by the accounting chamber in cooperation with ANO "Infoculture" Centre for policy and management decisions.

For evaluation were selected four social networks - "Vkontakte", "Classmates", Facebook and Instagram. The evaluation period from 1 October 2019 31 March 2020. This time period allowed us to assess the work of state bodies in social networks in the long term, and also to neutralize the factor of force majeure, caused by the spread of coronavirus, the report noted.

The chamber has assessed the regulatory system of the entire procurement cycle

To create an effective system of regulation of the entire procurement cycle is not yet possible, but subject to significant state influence on aggregate demand of the production sectors of the Russian economy appear potential to stimulate and sustain economic growth, said the report of the RF accounts chamber on the results of the analysis.

The audit showed that from 2014 to 2019 the proportion of government and corporate procurement averaged 31% of GDP. In 2019 the total amount of contracts under 44-FZ and 223-FZ, was equal to 31.6 trillion rubles, or almost 29% of GDP. According to the auditor, this indicates a significant influence of the state on aggregate demand of the production sectors of the Russian economy and the availability of great potential for creating incentives for socio-economic development and economic growth.

The chamber reviewed the expenditures of the Ministry of communications

The Russian audit chamber has checked in 2019 was performed by the budget of the Ministry and its subordinate Federal communications Agency, Roskomnadzor and Rospechat, is spoken in the message of Department.

It is noted that the lowest level of execution of the Federal budget expenditures was observed in the Ministry of communications – 77.1 percent. "This is mainly due to the revision of the national programme "Digital economy", the new version of which was approved 6 months after the start of the financial year. In the result, the cash execution of expenses on nutsprogramme was only 73.3 per cent (73.8 per billion RUB), and 64 of the planned results have been achieved in a 36 or 56 percent," says SP.

Subsidies slightly developed regional air transport, said the SP

Subsidies to airlines not yet had a significant impact on the development of regional route network, access to the most remote settlements in Russia do not have, according to the audit chamber of the Russian Federation.

The Agency notes that in 2019 the number of subsidized routes increased by 86% to 2017 to 242 routes. However, this number included not only new routes, but have been "promoted" in commercial operations that contributed to the expansion of the route network. The share of such popular routes in 2017, 27% in 2018 – 32,6%, in 2019 – 31%. The proportion of new unique routes in this period was "negligible amount" of 4.5-8.5 percent.

Reconstruction of the airport in Chelyabinsk again behind schedule

Reconstruction of the airport named after Igor Kurchatov in Chelyabinsk ("Balandino"), which originally was supposed to be completed in 2020, again behind schedule, the implementation period of reconstruction postponed to 2021, the report said the accounting chamber on the audit.

SP in 2019 when checking operations at the airport "Balandino" established a substantial backlog of contractor from the work schedule. The Ministry said that the reconstruction of the airport since gained momentum, the amount of work performed increased from 1% in April of last year to 57% by April 2020, but to catch up with the schedule still failed.

SP found 66 violations during the execution of the budget in 2019 in the field of justice

The audit chamber has checked in 2019 was performed by the budget of the Ministry of justice and subordinated to it Federal service of execution of punishments and the Federal service of court bailiffs, and revealed a number of violations and shortcomings, the report said the controlling Agency.

"All the inspection found 66 violations and shortcomings in the sphere of justice," reports the chamber.

Audit chamber said about the risk of growth of the number of defrauded investors

Chamber of accounts revealed the risks of increasing the number of defrauded investors and the failure of plans for completion of problem objects, said the auditor of the Department Svetlana Orlova.

It also provides an assessment of the Fund of protection of rights of investors on January 1, 2020, according to where you want to finish 3137 houses that you need 686 billion. The "Bank House.Russia" has estimated that from the Federal budget in 2020-2024 years for these purposes will require approximately 722 billion rubles, said the Agency, adding that the law on the budget of the Fund in 2020, is only allocated 3 billion rubles, and in 2021 or 2022 allocations generally not scheduled.

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