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FSB have intercepted couriers with 55 kilograms of "club" drugs

FSB have intercepted three couriers who carried 55 kilograms of drugs for sale in 12 regions of Central Russia, the Volga region and the South, said the Department.

During a special operation liquidated a network of channels through synthetic means. The detention took place in Moscow and Yaroslavl regions.

The Meteorologist talked about the weather in July

July in the Russian regions may become as warm as June. This was reported by "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" the head of the laboratory of the hydrometeorological centre Lyudmila Parshina.

According to her, the center and the Volga region (except for the Kirov region and the Urals region), the temperature exceeds the norm by one degree. While in the South, including the resorts of the Krasnodar region and the Crimea, the second month of summer is hot – up to 28-33 degrees.

In Russia, the growing manufacture of ice cream

Russian ice cream producers in 2020, increase its production, as in the less eventful years: the company does not intend to reduce the release of ice cream even on top of the coronavirus, because the demand for this delicacy has not disappeared, reported RIA Novosti, the experts in the industry.

She also noted that the production of ice cream may tend to be higher based on sales in June and July. "None of the manufacturers rate is not reduced, the absolute majority goes approximately with the same dynamics as last year, and some - above: for example, "Pure line" at the expense of proven Internet delivery, they have increased in the period of self-isolation and "Baskin Robbins" - due to the introduction of two new lines for the production of ice cream in waffle cups and Popsicle, and thereby also increased its sales," - said Utkin.