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Georgia is ready to open borders for citizens of some countries

The Georgian authorities have declared readiness to start direct air links and open in a pandemic of borders with five countries: Germany, France, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia, and guests from these countries will undergo a 14-day mandatory quarantine, said the representative of the Prime Minister, Irakli Chikovani.

According to him, it is not known when it will resume direct flights with these countries, authorities are in talks with different airlines. Chikovani said that the agreement is only with the airline Lufthansa, which from August will be carried out in Germany two flights a week.

The Pope supported the initiative of the UN security Council on "coronavirus" truce

Pope Francis has supported the UN security Council resolution calling for a cease-fire in all conflicts in the light of the pandemic coronavirus.

"Laudable call for the global and immediate ceasefire that will allow peace and security required for urgent provision of much needed humanitarian assistance," said he, speaking with a traditional Sunday sermon to the faithful gathered in St. Peter's square at the Vatican.

The Vatican is concerned about the possible actions of Israel in Palestine

The Holy see is concerned about "possible unilateral acts that could jeopardize the search for peace between Israelis and Palestinians", as well as further complicate the situation in the middle East.

As reported in the evening on Wednesday the press service of the Holy see, the Vatican's Secretary of state cardinal Pietro Parolin specifically met with the ambassadors of the United States and Israel to Express that concern.

The EU Council has proposed a number of exceptions for entry from third countries from 1 July

The EU Council has proposed a number of exceptions to come into the Union from third countries not included in the special list of States to which residents can be lifted restrictions on the entry from 1 July, said the EU Council.

The Council on Tuesday agreed on the recommendation regarding the progressive removal of restrictions on the optional trip to the European Union, adopting the list of countries in which borders can start to open from 1 July. It did not include, for example, Russia and the United States. It is recommended to start to remove restrictions for residents of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Uruguay, and China, but subject to confirmation of reciprocity in the opening of borders. The people of Andorra, Monaco, San Marino and the Vatican should be considered as EU residents when applying this recommendation, stated in the release.

The Pope expressed his solidarity with all who struggle with COVID-19

Pope Francis on Sunday expressed his closeness to all sick COVID-19, their families and those who care about these patients.

"I greet you all, Romans and pilgrims, – the individual believers, families and religious communities. Even so, a small presence in the square is a sign that in Italy the acute phase of the epidemic is overcome. But be careful! Don't scream victory too early! There remains a need to diligently follow current standards, because they help us to avoid the virus going forward," said the Pontiff, speaking with a traditional Sunday sermon to the faithful who gathered in St. Peter's square at the Vatican on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Trinity.

The Vatican arrested the broker involved in the purchase of real estate

Representatives of judicial authorities of Vatican city on Friday, was questioned and then arrested the broker Gianluigi of the Butt in connection with the sensational case of suspicious financial transactions with foreign real estate, which involves some employees of the Department of state (government) of Vatican city, said late Friday the print service of the Holy see.

The press service specified that the warrant for the arrest of Butt were issued in connection with the "known history concerning the acquisition of London real estate, which involved a network of companies with the participation of some officials of the Secretariat of State".

All Italian doctors gave free entrance to museums in the Vatican

In gratitude to physicians struggling with COVID-19, the governorship of the state of the Vatican city announced on Wednesday that for a few days provides them with free admission in the world famous Vatican museums, as well as the complex of the Pontifical villas at the summer residence of Castel Gandolfo near Rome.

Free access will be provided for all doctors, nurses, orderlies and other members of the medical and technical staff in government and private medical institutions operating on the territory of Italy. Doctors and their attendants will be able to see the masterpieces of Vatican museums from 8 to 13 June and to visit the Papal Villa at the weekend this and next week.

The ROC is satisfied with the appointment of Archbishop d Aniello new Nuncio in Russia

The Moscow Patriarchate welcomed the appointment of new Apostolic Nuncio (the Vatican Ambassador) to Russia, titular Archbishop Giovanni d Aniello, expressing confidence in the continuation of the Orthodox-Catholic cooperation "in an equally constructive way".

Earlier Pope Francis has appointed as Apostolic Nuncio in Russia, titular Archbishop Giovanni d Aniello. D Aniello is one of the most experienced diplomats of the Holy see.

Expert: when the new relations between the Vatican and Russia will remain cloudless

The new Nuncio (the Vatican Ambassador) to Russia Giovanni d Aniello "are not burdened by the experience in Eastern Europe", which will help to maintain good relations between Moscow and the Vatican, told RIA Novosti on Friday the head of the Center for the study of problems of religion and society Institute of Europe RAS Roman Lunkin.

Earlier Pope Francis has appointed as Apostolic Nuncio in Russia, titular Archbishop Giovanni d Aniello.

Italy opens access to attractions

Cultural attractions of Italy to resume work after three-month break caused by the pandemic COVID-19, according to TourDom.ru with reference to The Guardian.

June 1, available to visit the Colosseum and the Vatican museums in Rome. Tuesday opens the Uffizi gallery in Florence. Climb the famous leaning tower of Pisa you can still from Saturday, may 30, and previously began to let tourists to the archaeological site of Pompeii near Naples.

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