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The Senate has proposed to require trump to disclose overseas property

U.S. Senator Tom Udall said on Twitter that he intends to legally oblige the President of Donald trump report on its existing property abroad.

"We have filed an amendment to the national defence act, which requires the President to report financial information about foreign ownership, which belongs to or is under the control of the organization of trump," said Udall, a Democrat from new Mexico.

In the USA suggested that sanctions against Putin because of "collusion" with the Taliban

Democratic Senator USA Bob Menendez has introduced amendments to the defense budget, which provide for sanctions against Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian authorities for alleged "collusion" with the Taliban.

As follows from the proposals of the Senator, the sanctions should be imposed if the Director of national intelligence confirms that the Russian government paid compensation to militants grouping "the Taliban" for attacking us soldiers in Afghanistan. This must be done no later than 15 days after receipt of such information.

The Senate has included sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of the United States

The U.S. Senate has included additional sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2" in the project of the budget of national defence, announced on Tuesday, Republican Congressman Steve Womack.

Womack said that the Russian authorities want to use the project as an instrument of coercion, and its goal is to increase the dependence of Poland and Ukraine from Russian gas. "I'm proud to be a sponsor of the sanctions aimed at stopping its construction, and applauded the Senate for including this priority in the draft budget of national defence", - he wrote in his Twitter.

German MPs criticized the U.S. for pressure on the "Nord stream — 2"

Germany should be prepared to answer certain US measures if Washington imposes extraterritorial sanctions in relation to the "Nord stream — 2", said the head of the Bundestag Committee for economic Affairs and energy, a Deputy from the party "Left" Klaus Ernst in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia".

The bill concerning restrictive measures against the "Nord stream — 2", previously introduced in the U.S. Senate. The document, in particular, provides for sanctions against insurers that insure vessels working on construction of a gas pipeline.

In the U.S. Senate introduced a bill immediate renewals start

Member of the U.S. Senate Committee on foreign relations Bob Menendez introduced lawmakers a bill calling for an immediate extension of the Contract on reduction of strategic offensive arms (start Treaty) between the United States and the Russian Federation, reported on the official website of the Senator.

"The bill ... calls for the immediate extension of the new start Treaty and restricts the President from taking any prejudicial action against the new start Treaty," - noted in the message.