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Embassy in the US responded to the state Department report on "Russian propaganda"

The us state Department report on "Russian propaganda" intended to stifle a formal proposal from Moscow on the resumption of cooperation with the United States, said the Russian Embassy in Washington.

Previously, the Center for global interaction at the Department of state published a report on "the pillars of the Russian disinformation", which presents the concept of "Russian propaganda" under this definition, in particular, summed up the Russian media with state funding. As examples of disinformation are the headers Sputnik, RIA Novosti, RT, channel one, "Russia 24" and others.

The US state Department presented a report on "Russian propaganda"

The Department of state published on Wednesday the report "Foundations of the Russian system of misinformation and propaganda" which sistematizirovat his concept of "Russian propaganda" under the definition of "propaganda", in particular, summed up the Russian media with state funding.

In particular, as examples of disinformation are the headers Sputnik, RIA Novosti, RT, channel one, "Russia 24" and others. In particular, an example of disinformation called publication RIA Novosti "(British Prime Minister) Johnson will conduct an artificial ventilation of the lungs". Evidence that this misinformation is not given.

Die Welt: the US is threatening the European contractors "Nord stream — 2"

U.S. authorities are increasing pressure on German and European companies involved in the construction of "Nord stream — 2", the newspaper "Die Welt" with reference to sources.

It is emphasized that the United States conducted two videoconferences with contractors of the gas pipeline from Germany and other European countries to "to indicate the far-reaching consequences for their further participation in the project". They were attended by representatives of the state Department, the Ministry of Finance and US Department of energy.

The United States said on possible responses to threats in space

The United States reserves the right to retaliate in the event of a threat in space, said assistant Secretary of state for international security and nonproliferation Christopher Ford.

"Our policy is to warn and restrain, and if necessary, respond appropriately to threats to our objects in space, are important components of our space infrastructure... if there are such attacks or the threat, of course, we reserve the right to reply in the wrong place at the wrong time and in a manner which we deem necessary", - said Ford at a press briefing, answering a question on possible responses to Russia's actions.

The state Department commented on police assault on journalists of the First channel

Washington condemns the violence against journalists, said RIA Novosti in the Department of state in response to a request for comment on the attack on police employees of the First channel in Portland.

"The US is committed to protecting the security of press workers and they will investigate and seek responsibility in cases when someone, including law enforcement officials, will be rightly accused of violating the law," — said the representative office.

The state Department has threatened the members of the "Nord stream — 2" effect

Washington has threatened sanctions companies involved in the construction of the pipeline "Nord stream — 2".

"Leave immediately or there will be consequences," — said the head of the state Department Mike Pompeo at a press conference.

The United States will invite China and Russia for talks on arms control

U.S. welcomes China willingness to negotiate on arms control and invited the Chinese delegation to the talks with Russia in Vienna on this issue, according to the state Department.

Earlier, the Director of the Department of arms control of Chinese foreign Ministry Fu Cong said that China is ready to join trilateral talks on disarmament with the United States and Russia if the US agrees to reduce its nuclear Arsenal to China's level.

The United States reduced the number of deployed strategic carriers of nuclear weapons

The United States from September 2019 to March 2020, has reduced the number of deployed strategic carriers of nuclear weapons in 10 sea missiles and three bombers, follows from the data of the us state Department.

According to information published yesterday on the website of the state Department, on March 1, 2020, the US had deployed 398 Intercontinental ballistic missile Minuteman-3, 210 sea-launched ballistic missiles Trident-2 and 47 heavy bombers B-2A and B-52H.

The foreign Ministry of China Pompeo called a "politician"

The official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang stated that "won't waste time" to comment on statements by US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo about the situation in Hong Kong.

Pompeo previously accused the Chinese authorities in imposing censorship in Hong Kong "Orwellian". According to Pompeo, "local authorities in the spirit of Orwell's Central government has created the office of national security, began to remove books critical of the CCP, from library shelves, banned political slogans and now require schools to censor. He added that so far Hong Kong has prospered, because there's "allow free thinking and freedom of speech at the independent rule of law."

The LDF assured U.S. commitment to dialogue under UN auspices

The Libyan national army (LNA), under the command of Khalifa the Haftarot during the talks, assured U.S. commitment to dialogue under the UN auspices, both sides confirmed their intention to work towards de-escalation of the conflict in Libya, according to the state Department.

On the eve of the USA and representatives of the LNA held a virtual meeting to discuss the issue of demobilization of the militias in Libya.

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