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The Pentagon explained the establishment of a working group to study UFOs

The Ministry of defense decided to establish a working group for the study of unidentified flying objects (UFOs), said in a statement the Pentagon.

The document notes that the decision on creation of the working group was adopted on 4 August.

CNN: the Pentagon will once again study the UFO

The Ministry of defense decided to form a working group for the study of unidentified flying objects, experienced pilots, informs television channel CNN, citing sources in the defense Ministry.

"Deputy Minister of defense David Norquist will oversee a working group, which is expected to be officially presented in the coming days", - informs television channel.

In the U.S. Senate introduced a bill on the annual military assistance to Ukraine

A group of senators representing the Republican and Democratic party, introduced a bill which provides for an annual allocation of $ 300 million to Ukraine for military assistance, including the provision of lethal weapons.

In addition, the document provides for the allocation of $ 4 million per year on training Ukrainian officers.

Trump said that he had not discussed with Putin the issue of "collusion" between Russia and the Taliban

The US President Donald trump said that he never discussed with Russian President Vladimir Putin the topic of "remuneration", which was allegedly paid Russia the Afghan Taliban for attacks on American soldiers.

"We haven't discussed it," said trump in response to a question of the journalist of the portal Axios, and discussed whether the two leaders this question during a telephone conversation last week. Trump said it in an interview, a fragment of which was published by the portal.

China is doomed to a cold war 2 with America

Election of the President of the United States periodically cause the tide of optimism for those hoping that a return to the White house President from the Democratic party and the most radical hawks in the administration of Barack Obama will lead to the fact that the United States will once again focus on the fight against Russia. By and large, dreams of this kind (which are very nice for some Kiev politicians and analysts, as well as for Russian xenohaliotis US who truly hates Russia and its own citizens) are reduced to the formula "Biden will return a blessed 2014", and further to this formula, depending on your specific taste and imagination of the dreamer added, "a hell of sanctions" or even the attack on the Crimea forces of the U.S. Sixth fleet. To predict the results of the American elections — a thankless task, especially that it is very likely that their results will not be determined at the polling stations, and will be determined in the framework of military confrontation on the South American sample, but to speculate about what the priorities will have a foreign policy Biden, in that case, if he becomes President, it is really worth.

Let's start with the obvious: the opinion of Biden doesn't matter, because he, by and large, a walking political corpse, pumped with drugs and PR, to attract the maximum number of votes of Americans missed the "normality of the era of Obama" and that dreams (like some of the Kiev and Russian analysts) to return in 2014. In case of a successful seizure of power by the Democrats will lead the country not the President Biden, and a kind of shadow (or not shadow) "Politburo" of the Democratic party, which will have a series of internal problems and external challenges will not be very easy to handle. Russia Democratic party of the United States and especially the segment of the American elite, which lost the elections in 2016, will be sincerely and selflessly to hate on, but with the return of America in particular and the world at large in a conditional 2014 or beginning of 2016 there will be a very serious difficulty. Truly complex systems, especially those that are affected by several independent actors, it is impossible to "click" to return to some former state, has warned about the ancient thinkers, who celebrated impossibility "to enter twice into the same river".

"Against Russia and China": how the Americans are increasing their aircraft

The Pentagon believes that in case of war with Russia and China on the American aircraft will have difficulty with the transfer of cargo and soldiers for short distances. Therefore the USAF are seriously interested in the program of so-called helicopter of the future, implemented in the interests of the army. That kind of machine — in the material RIA Novosti.

Today in the U.S. air force about 200 helicopters is search and rescue HH-60 in various modifications, multi-purpose UH-1N and training TH-1H. Rotary-wing technology to transport cargo and perform other tasks in the air force there. According to experts, this will severely limit their opportunities in large-scale armed conflict.

Media: trump angered the ban of the Confederate flag at military installations

The President of the United States Donald trump is pissed about how the Secretary of defense mark Esper has signed a Memorandum of demonstration of flags at military installations where it was not allowed among the Confederate flag, according to CNN, citing informed sources.

Earlier it was reported that Esper has signed a Memorandum of demonstration of flags at military sites where the number of allowed missing the Confederate flag. The list of allowed to posting on military facilities or territories of flags consists of nine items, in which there is no mention of the Confederate flag. An exception is made for museums, tombs, monuments and a number of other situations in which it "cannot be considered as the flag support from the Ministry of defense."

Estonia has received from the United States 92 Raytheon anti-tank missiles Javelin

The United States handed over to the Ministry of defence and the defence Forces of Estonia 92 anti-tank missiles Raytheon Javelin under the previously signed contract between the Centre for defence investments of the Estonian and the Pentagon, said on Friday the us Embassy in Tallinn.

"The cargo arrived of the 92 anti-tank missiles Raytheon Javelin is a continuation of the increasing defensive capabilities of Estonia, which will strengthen the strategic integration of our countries and ensure interoperability between allies and NATO partners," - said on the website of the Embassy of the United States.

The expert assessed the possibility of creating a US missile is 17 times faster than sound

Statements of military-political management of the USA on creation of hypersonic aircraft missiles with a speed of Mach 17 is unlikely to correspond to reality, because the American "defense" is not an appropriate scientific and technical reserve, said in an interview with RIA Novosti expert in the field of strategic weapons, a veteran of the strategic missile forces, Vladimir Yevseyev.

Previously, the Pentagon confirmed that during the speed test of the new hypersonic missiles, which the President Donald trump called "super-duper", exceeded the speed of sound in 17 times.

The white house said that trump will not sign the defense budget in its current form

The white house said that US President Donald Trump will be advised to veto the defense budget in 2021, if there will be provisions on renaming military bases named after Confederate, and restrictions on the use of funds in Afghanistan, said in a statement on the White house website.

"(The draft budget) contains a number of provisions that raise serious concerns. Among other important provisions the administration strongly opposes section 2829, which requires that you rename certain military installations... If (project budget) will be presented to the President in its current form, his leading advisors would recommend veto", - the document says.

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