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U.S. senators honored the memory of colleagues a photograph of another person

U.S. Republican senators Marco Rubio and Dan Sullivan honored the memory of deceased member of the house of representatives John Lewis, post a photo of another Congressman. It is reported by The New York Times.

John Lewis died Friday at the age of 80 years. Marco Rubio on Twitter expressed his condolences in connection with the death of politics, having attached to record of a photo of Democrat Elijah Cummings, who died last fall.

A group of congressmen to support sanctions against the "Nord stream — 2"

A group of congressmen to support sanctions against the "Nord stream-2" and the second line of the "Turkish stream", which threatened to impose a state Department.

The letter, published on the website of the international Affairs Committee of the house of representatives, was signed by 9 members of Congress, including two Democrats, the rest Republicans.

The U.S. Congress approved the extension of the program of small business support

The U.S. Congress approved the extension of the program of support of small business, the bill goes to the President for signature Donald Trump, according to the results of the voting.

The house of representatives approved a bill on Wednesday after the Senate, which voted Tuesday.

The author of the laws on anti-Russian sanctions have lost primaries for Congress

The Chairman of the Committee on foreign Affairs, house of representatives, U.S. Congress, Democrat Eliot Engel lost primary elections (primaries) and will not be able to participate in the elections in November.

As follows from preliminary data of the election Commission of the state of new York on the 16th electoral district, 72-year-old Engel has gained just over 34% of the vote, while his opponent, 44-year-old African American Jamal Bowman – more than 60%. Bowman is considered a progressive Democrat who belong to the left wing of the party, gaining popularity in recent years.

In the U.S. Senate closed the case of insider trading against Senator

The ethics Committee of the U.S. Senate closed investigation for insider trading against Senator Kelly Leffler, finding no evidence that she broke the law or the rules of the Senate, according to the edition of the Washington Post, citing the Committee's letter.

Earlier investigation on insider trading against the Senator closed the U.S. justice Department. The investigation was launched, as some members of the house of representatives and Senate of the U.S. Congress made a number of major transactions on the stock exchanges in the days leading up to their collapse during the spread of the coronavirus in the United States. Leffler denied that she and her husband sold the shares after attending a closed briefing on the coronavirus in January.

A group of members of Congress supported bringing China into negotiations on start-3

A group of about 40 members of Congress published on Tuesday a letter to the President of the United States Donald Trump, which supports the initiative of the us administration to engage China in bilateral negotiations with Russia on strategic stability.

Despite the support of the negotiations, the congressmen have attacked China, saying it "malign nuclear ambitions", which, according to them, should be contained.

In Russia appreciated the plan of the U.S. Congress on new sanctions

Politicians and experts commented on the proposal of the American congressional Republicans to impose new sanctions against Russia.

They consider the attempts to accuse Moscow of aiding terrorism are laughable, and their purpose is to divert attention from the unrest in the United States.

Trump has vetoed a congressional resolution about education loans

The President of the United States Donald trump vetoed a joint resolution of both houses of Congress about the student loans, the White house said.

Veto is remarkable that the first trump in the area of domestic policy for more than three years of presidency.

The Congress was afraid of "the rise of Putin" because of the US withdrawal from the DON

Democratic congressmen from the foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. house of representatives headed by Chairman Elliot Engel on Friday sent a letter to Secretary of state Mike Pompeo, in which he condemned the coming US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies and demanded an explanation in connection with this step.

The President of the United States Donald trump last week announced that Washington was six months out of the Treaty on open skies and will be outside of the agreement, while Russia "does not fulfill its obligations." However, he did not rule out the development of new agreements. Russia has repeatedly denied accusations by the U.S. in breach of Contract. The Russian foreign Ministry said that Moscow will negotiate with the United States, including by Contract, only on a reciprocal basis, and any ultimatums from Washington are unacceptable.

Antonov evaluated the project on the U.S. withdrawal from treaties with the consent of the Congress

Russia's Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov believes that the bill forbidding the us President to withdraw from international treaties without congressional authorization, has no chance for implementation.

Earlier, Senate Democrats ed Markey and Jimmy Panetta introduced in Congress a bill to ban the President to withdraw from international agreements without the consent of Parliament.