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Ugra evaluated the situation with forest fires

Large forest fires put out in the Soviet district of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous district, where earlier visited heads of EMERCOM and Ministry of natural resources Eugene Zimichev and Dmitry Kobylkin reported on the website of the government of Yugra.

"According to the Department of subsoil use and natural resources of Ugra, the number of operating forest fires in Ugra and their area diminished In the Soviet area completely eliminated all large forest fires", - is spoken in the message.

In Kazan liquidated ignition on the landfill

Combustion of solid waste at the site "Eastern" in Kazan liquidated, the area of decay waste amounted to 100 square meters, according to EMERCOM of Russia.

The tenth of July at 18:50 received a report on the burning of solid waste at the site "Eastern" in Mamadyshsky tract in the Soviet district of Kazan.