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The interior Ministry called the possible cause of cotton in a residential building in Krasnoyarsk region

Gas leak allegedly caused the cotton in a residential house in the village of Novaya Solyanka in the Krasnoyarsk region, informs the regional Glaucus Ministry of internal Affairs.

Earlier, a source in emergency services of the region reported that on the morning in a three-storey residential building occurred cotton gas, injured an elderly woman. On-site work by the police, the residents were evacuated.

In six Russian regions, the rains can cause floods this week

Rain this week could flood low-lying areas in six regions of Russia, from the Central part of the country to the Far East, predicts the all-Russian research Institute on problems of civil defense and emergency situations.

A similar situation may occur on the rivers Bikin and Ussuri in Pozharsky and Dalnerechensky districts of Primorye, along the Sheksna river in Sheksna district, Vologda region, on the river Solonytsya Neretina district, Kostroma region. The water level there exceeds the average values more than two feet.