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In RVIO called the desecration of the monument to Rokossovsky to Poland madness

A mockery of a monument to Rokossovsky is insane, you need to start the investigation, and the monument to be restored and returned to the place said on Friday, RIA Novosti expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms.

In the night of Thursday memorial cemetery in Legnica in the West of Poland, unknown stole a sculpture of Konstantin Rokossovsky with the municipal cemetery. Later, a headless sculpture was found on a city street.

"The blow was terrible:" who attacked the Soviet Union after the Victory in 1945

Transfer powerful groups across the country, a surprise attack and complete defeat of the vast army of the enemy in less than a month — exactly 75 years ago, July 30, 1945, in the far East have formed the Main command of the Soviet troops. A few days began the Manchurian strategic operation. About how the Soviet Union helped the Anglo-American allies to defeat Japan — in the material RIA Novosti.

Focused on the far East, Soviet troops commanded by Marshal Aleksandr Vasilevsky, in early July, arrived in Chita. The actions of the Navy and the air force was coordinated by Admiral of the fleet Nikolai Kuznetsov and air chief Marshal Nikolay Novikov.

The historian urged not to idealize the parties to assassinate Hitler

The death of Adolf Hitler during the assassination attempt in 1944, could significantly affect the course of world war II, but to idealize the conspirators is not necessary: they had a "classic coup d'etat", said the RIA Novosti expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms.

The conspiracy of July 20, also known as "operation Valkyrie", was planned by high-ranking officers of the Wehrmacht. He called for the assassination of Hitler and overthrow the Nazi government. However, the bomb explosion in the rate of the "Wolfschanze" in East Prussia on 20 July 1944, organized by Claus von Stauffenberg, did not solve the problem with the elimination of the Nazi dictator - Hitler was only wounded. The plot failed. The majority of participants were executed, their relatives arrested.

The historian explained the significance of the Potsdam conference

The Potsdam conference was a unique phenomenon in history when the world powers with different interests and values, uniting against a common enemy, easily came to a consensus at the negotiating table, said to RIA Novosti on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the conference, the head of the scientific Department of the Russian military historical society (rvio), Yury Nikiforov.

Conference of the heads of the victorious powers in world war II took place in Potsdam in 20 kilometers from Berlin, from 17 July to 2 August 1945. The Soviet delegation was headed by Joseph Stalin, American — Harry Truman, British — first Winston Churchill and then Clement Attlee.

Medina urged to modernize the universal mechanisms of diplomacy

Universal mechanisms of international diplomacy, the major powers established 75 years ago to solve global problems peacefully, we must preserve but to modernize, according to the assistant to the President of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

Speaking on Wednesday in the Russian military-historical society at the round table, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Potsdam conference - the meeting of the heads of the leaders of the coalition, Medina said that on the basis of the agreements reached at Potsdam, and previous similar meetings in Tehran and Yalta was "created unprecedented effectiveness of the system of international relations."

Expert RVIA: science refutes doubts about the veracity of the battle of the Neva

The expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita blizzards stated that modern history and archaeology easy to refute the doubts of foreign historians of the veracity of the battle of the Neva 15 July 1240, despite the fact that in the Scandinavian sources, no mention of the battle there.

Wednesday marks the 780 anniversary of the battle on the river Neva between the Novgorod army under the command of Novgorod Prince Alexander Yaroslavich and Swedish army. Later this battle was called the battle of the Neva. For generalship, boldness, and courage in the battle of the Neva, the people called the Prince Nevsky.

In RVIA, spoke about the use of chemical weapons during the First world war

Chemical weapons during the First world war was deadly only when the first cases of application, he quickly learned to fight, and the outcome of the war it had no influence, said RIA Novosti the scientific expert Department of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Konstantin Pakhalyuk.

12 July 1917 the German army during the First world war was first used poison gas mustard gas, a toxic liquid substance of skin-blistering action. As a carrier of toxic substances used mines that contained oily liquid. The battle took place under the Belgian town of Ypres, where the German high command broke the onset of the Anglo-French forces. Due to lesions of varying severity received 2490 English and French soldiers, of which 87 died.

In RVIO spoke about the naval victory of the XVIII century, which is celebrated in Russia

Victory in the naval battle of Chesme - one of the most extraordinary in military history, so it became the day of military glory in Russia today, it is also associated with the legend of sailor Jack, told RIA Novosti expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms.

Russian sailors 250 years ago (July 7, 1770) in Chesmensky sea battle, one of the largest fleets of sailing vessels in the Aegean sea off the West coast of modern Turkey defeated the Ottoman fleet, which had overwhelming numerical and qualitative advantage. At the end of the battle Russia won access to the Black sea and the Mediterranean. Win played an important role in the conclusion of Kuchuk-Kainarji peace Treaty ended the Russo-Turkish war of 1768-1774.

The historian spoke about the importance of the Rzhev battle

Rzhevskiy memorial to the Soviet soldier pays tribute to those who gave their lives to stop the enemy and the result of a huge scale battle made a radical change in the course of the great Patriotic war, told RIA Novosti the head of the scientific Department of the Russian military historical society (rvio), Yury Nikiforov.

Tuesday will host the opening ceremony of Rzhev of the memorial to Soviet soldiers, which will be a branch of the Museum of Victory. Participation in the event will be the presidents of Russia and Belarus Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko. The memorial was completed in April of this year, but its Grand opening was planned for the 75th anniversary of Victory on may 9 was postponed because of the situation with coronavirus infection.

The historian spoke about the role of the guerrillas in the Victory

The expert of the Russian military historical society (RVIA) Nikita storms told RIA Novosti on the role of guerrillas to Victory in the great Patriotic war.

Ten years ago on June 29 was a memorable date – the Day of partisans and underground fighters. During the great Patriotic war, more than 311 thousand partisans were awarded orders and medals of the USSR, 248 people received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union, and two of them twice.

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