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The historian found out the details of the shipwreck off the coast of Crimea in 1941

Military historian, consultant undersea research centre of the Russian geographical society (RGS) Alexander Skorbach, who studied the circumstances of the death of the ship "Armenia" in 1941, from German aircraft, explained the tragedy of coincidence: the Soviet fighter, "covering" the ship upon his departure from Yalta, distracted, chasing enemy aircraft.

The motor ship "Armenia" of the project "Adjara" was built in 1928 in Leningrad. A ship of 950 passengers were rebuilt as transports at Odessa in 1941. Is part of the cabins was organized, operating, and dressing, it was supposed to take about 400 wounded. The sixth of November 1941 in Sevastopol on Board went up a few thousand people: citizens, patients, doctors and staff of several hospitals, the part of the party leadership of the Crimea, members of the pioneer camp "Artek" and their families. In the panic of evacuation accurate count no lead.

Russian schoolchildren have discovered the island on New Earth

Russian schoolchildren have discovered a new island in the Arctic, said Russian geographical society on its website.

Eight members of the project group "Risksat" from Troitsk, Tula, Venev, Dedovsk, Gatchina, St.-Petersburg and Yakutsk made the discovery while processing satellite imagery.

The researchers found the northernmost artillery battery during the war

The scientific team of the expedition of the Northern fleet in the course of the analysis of satellite imagery found the locations of the Northern artillery during the great Patriotic war in the district of the Taimyr Peninsula, reported the press service of the fleet.

"Two groups of targets in the area of Taimyr Peninsula reliably identified as an artillery battery of the white sea flotilla Northern fleet. We are talking about batteries No. 264 on the Peninsula Mikhailov and No. 265 on the island Nansen", - stated in the message.

The experts made recommendations for the opening of the tourist season

The Russian geographic society have developed and submitted to the Federal tourism Agency recommendations related to the opening of the tourist season, the press service of the RGS.

The guidelines were developed in conjunction with leading experts in the field of tourism and travel, academics, representatives of regional branches of the Society, with partners-tour operators, business representatives and public associations.

Arctic expedition to the New Land to repeat the route Rusanova

The Northern fleet in conjunction with the 12th commander of the defense Ministry and the Russian geographical society will be held in August the expedition on the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, its members rekonstruiruet route Arctic Explorer Vladimir Rusanov, and perform a number of studies reported the press service of the Northern fleet.

"In the middle of August 2020, the Northern fleet will send another Arctic expedition to the Islands of Novaya Zemlya archipelago. In addition to the Northern fleet in its composition will include representatives of the 12th Main Directorate of the Ministry of defense of Russia, Russian geographical society, national Park "Russian Arctic" and research institutes. Will head a comprehensive research expedition team of 10-12 soldiers and scientists representative of the 12th Central Board captain 2 rank Sergei Zinchenko," - said in the message.

The Northern fleet will hold in 2020 Arctic expedition in conjunction with the PRO

The Northern fleet and the Russian geographical society will hold the third joint expedition of the Arctic in 2020, said the commander of the Federation Council Alexander Moiseev.

He added that a joint expedition will be dedicated to several memorable dates - 75 th anniversary of the great Victory, the 110th anniversary of the Hydrographic expedition of the Arctic ocean, the 120th anniversary of the Russian polar expedition and the 145th anniversary since the birth of the famous Arctic Explorer Vladimir Rusanov.