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Physicians from Tatarstan arrived in Kazakhstan to exchange experience

A group of doctors from Tatarstan arrived in Zhambyl region of Kazakhstan (in the South) in the framework of cooperation in the fight against coronavirus infection, said Tuesday the press service of the administration of Kazakhstan of the region.

"The main purpose of the visit of foreign specialists - medical assistance and exchange of experience in the treatment of COVID-19 and pneumonia," the statement reads.

Minnikhanov registered candidate on elections of the head of Tatarstan

The Central electoral Commission of Tatarstan on Friday registered the incumbent head of the region Rustam Minnikhanov as the candidate on elections of the head of the Republic, which will be held on September 13, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

Each candidate in his support need to collect 387 signatures of deputies of municipal formations of the Republic. Minnikhanov gave the CEC the subscription lists in support of his nomination with 406 signatures of deputies of representative bodies of municipal formations. The Central election Commission after checking the reliability of the information acknowledged the signature is valid.

Head of Tatarstan proposed to create Russia's first bonded zone

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov suggested the government to consider establishing in the Republic the country's first bonded areas for cross-border e-Commerce, according to the website of the regional business Ombudsman.

Bonded area (bonded warehouse) is called a territory with special status, the customs duties and taxes are not paid upon receipt of goods for storage, and when they purchase the ultimate purchaser-individuals. Because of this, for example, unclaimed items can be returned to their home country without paying duties and taxes.

In Tatarstan in an accident with a bus injured three people

A minibus and a car collided Wednesday evening in Naberezhnye Chelny, three people were injured, told RIA Novosti in the Ministry of interior in Tatarstan.

"At about 18.00 hours on the junction of the Annunciation and Moscow faced a minibus "GAZel" cars and Honda Accord. In the result three people had been injured," - said the Agency interlocutor.

Completing the self-nomination at elections in the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies

Saturday - last day for nomination of candidates for the by-election of deputies of the state Duma in single-seat constituencies, it follows from the calendar plan of CEC.

Additional elections of deputies of the state Duma in single-mandate constituencies will be held in a single voting day in Kursk, Yaroslavl and Penza regions, and in Tatarstan.

In Tatarstan are looking for two teenagers who disappeared near the dam

Rescue workers and police on Thursday evening looking for two teenagers 2003 and 2005 year of birth, departed from the village in the Buinsky region of Tatarstan to the local dam, which was later found their things, informs GUMCHS of Russia in Tatarstan.

"In the village of Akhmametyeva buinskogo district are searching for two teenagers 2003 and 2005 year of birth. The children went to the local dam and did not return. Mother went to look for them on the shore of the dam found just the thing," - said in the message.

In Tatarstan the coronavirus was confirmed in three workers district hospitals

Novel coronavirus infection was confirmed in three medical workers Vasilievsky district hospital in Tatarstan, the rest of the hospital staff went to the isolation, said Deputy Minister of health of the Republic Vladimir Zhavoronkov.

"At the moment we confirm that, indeed, three health care worker have a diagnosis of COVID-19. All other staff transferred to the isolation. We are in control of their condition, monitor symptoms," said lark reporters.

For the position of head of Tatarstan expect five candidates

The Central election Commission of the Republic of Tatarstan has completed the reception of documents from applicants for the position of head of the Republic, which put forward five representatives of political parties, according to the regional election Commission.

"Tatarstan has completed the reception of documents for the nomination for the office of President of the Republic of Tatarstan. Candidates were nominated only by political parties, self-nomination is not required by law. For the position of President of the Republic claimed five candidates", - is spoken in the message.

In Tatarstan will check up circumstances of the fire on the "Kazannefteorgsintez"

The Prosecutor's office of Tatarstan to find out the causes Wednesday evening fire at the company "Kazan'nefteprodukt" and if there are grounds to take measures of public Prosecutor's reaction, according to the Supervisory authority.

According to the regional GUMCHS, the message on a fire in a warehouse of the branch of "Kazan'nefteprodukt" OJSC "Tatnefteproduct" in the capital of Tatarstan arrived at 22.10 environment. Burned the roof of one-storey administrative building measuring 15 by 30 meters and an empty hangar 10 to 30 meters. According to preliminary data, the fire area is 1.2 thousand square meters. To the scene the fire train. As reported by Glaucus, threat of transition of fire on the tanks with oil no.

In Tatarstan opened a case for a man who was attacking women in the Park

A criminal case on hooliganism brought against men, who in one of the parks of the city attacked the women and kicked them, said the Prosecutor's office of Tatarstan.

Earlier, the Ministry of internal Affairs across Tatarstan has informed that on 3 July in the Park "Family" in Nizhnekamsk the man of 1986 of a birth has caused injuries to two women. On the same day he was arrested. In respect of the offender was made the administrative report under article of the administrative code "Petty hooliganism". Also launched an investigation, the victim forensic medical examination.

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