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The Pentagon intends to find out the circumstances of the explosion in Beirut

The United States collect information about the explosion in Beirut and preparing to provide humanitarian assistance, said the Minister of defense mark Esper.

"We're still gathering information about what happened. Most believe it was an accident, as was reported. In addition, I can not say anything," said Esper, speaking at a video conference in the framework of Asinovskogo forum.

Posted a video of the interception of an Iranian airliner by American fighter

In a Network there was video of the incident with the American fighters and an Iranian passenger airliner.

On the eve of the F-15 aircraft, the U.S. air force was dangerously close to Board a Mahan Air in the area of al-TANF on the Syrian territory, where the us troops (Damascus has not authorized their presence in the country).

In the Federation Council doubted the characteristics of the American "super-duper" missiles

First Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Vladimir dzhabarov told "Moscow speaking" called the new missile test which the Pentagon said, the usual.

He explained, for the US, this rocket is a novelty, and Russia "goes ahead". In addition, according to the Senator, not without PR and exaggeration is typical of the us military.

The Pentagon has published a report on relations of Russia and the Taliban

The U.S. Department of defense believes that Russia supports a peace agreement with the Afghan radical movement "Taliban" to prevent the long stay of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

"Russia will likely continue to support U.S. efforts at reconciliation with the Taliban in the hope that this reconciliation will prevent long-term US military presence (in Afghanistan)," - said in a report published on Wednesday the Pentagon report on security in Afghanistan.

Russia's response to the defense strategy of the United States will be negative, said the expert

USA presented in the strategy of defense in space justify their own investments in this area, the development potential of the enemy, but try not to focus on their own development, Moscow's reaction to the document is likely to be sharply negative, told RIA Novosti researcher, IMEMO ran, co-founder of the project "Watfor" Dmitry Stefanovic.

"The outline of a new American document about "defense in space" 10 times does the word "excellence" and its derivatives. This numerological fact best characterizes the attitude of the American military, perhaps, to all areas of armed conflict: the real, the virtual or potential interests of potential enemies do not care, it is necessary to solve their problems, and, if possible, "allies and partners", - the expert believes.

The Pentagon retired official involved in the impeachment of Trump

Deputy Deputy Minister of defense - chief financial controller Department Elaine McCusker whose letters appeared in the investigation for the impeachment of Donald Trump, resigned, said in a statement, the Minister of defense mark Esper.

He thanked McCusker for work, not calling the reasons for her resignation.

"It's serious," why NATO forces river near Russia's borders

Thousands of troops, hundreds of tanks, combat aircraft and the "threat" of attack from the East — large-scale exercises Defender of Europe 2020 in full swing. The US should reaffirm its willingness to support allies in Europe. The main objective of the maneuvers — working off of forcing large water barriers. About why the West again "at war" at the Russian border — in the material RIA Novosti.

The largest in 25 years NATO maneuvers planned for the spring, but because of the pandemic coronavirus was moved to June. According to official statements, the strategic aim of the exercise is to demonstrate the US commitment to North Atlantic Alliance and their “unwavering commitment to support European allies.”

The Pentagon is ready to rename the database, named in honor of generals from the South

The Minister of the army yo, Catherine Ryan admits the possibility of renaming the 10 military bases, named in honor of the leaders of the southern army (confederates) during the Civil war, according to the publication Politico, citing a representative of the command.

"The Minister is ready for a bipartisan discussion (with Republicans and Democrats – ed.) this topic," - said the publication of Colonel sunset Bilinski.

"Scarier Hiroshima" where the United States again want to blow up a nuclear bomb

Reopen polygons, "mushrooms" the atomic bombings and the new arms race — Washington is seriously thinking about resuming nuclear weapons tests after a nearly 30-year hiatus. From 1992 detonation of spetsbatalona was simulated only on computers. What threatens the world, another American initiative — in the material RIA Novosti.

Nuclear tests high-ranking officials of the US administration and the Pentagon are considering as a means of pressure on Russia and China in the negotiations on arms control. The pretext was, as it has already happened, unsubstantiated accusations by the United States to other countries in violation of international agreements.

In the area of Washington has deployed military

About 1.6 thousand soldiers were deployed in the vicinity of Washington, where protests erupted in connection with the death of the African-American George Floyd, reports Reuters with reference to the official representative of the Pentagon, Jonathan Hoffman.

According to the Pentagon, the soldiers are "in a state of high alert," but does not provide assistance to civil authorities.