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In Vladivostok and Kamchatka held a parade in honor of Navy day

On the Kamchatka Peninsula and in Vladivostok held a parade on the occasion of the day of the Navy of Russia, said the head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet captain second rank Nikolai Voskresensky.

It is noted that inspection of the ships occurred in the waters of the Golden horn Bay for the first time in the modern history of the Pacific fleet. The ceremony of the raising of the flags took place on a military ship-Museum "Red Vympel", located on the eternal boner the waterfront, as well as a submarine Museum s-56.

The naval parades marking the Navy Day will be held on seven main bases

Today at the main bases of the Navy of Russia will host the parade this year for the holiday events attract a record number of 250 ships, 100 more than in the past. The festival events on the bases will take part about 15 thousand soldiers, will involve about 80 aircraft and helicopters and more than 100 units of ground equipment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the parade in St. Petersburg. In may he ordered the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to begin preparations for the traditional parade on the main bases of the Navy of Russia.

In Vladivostok held a rehearsal of the parade devoted to Navy Day

Dress rehearsal of parade of ships in honor of the Day of Navy fleet of Russia was held in Vladivostok, took the parade commander of the Pacific fleet Sergey Avakyants, head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet (TOF) Nikolay Voskresenskiy.

On the front barrels in the main Bay of Vladivostok on the Golden bridge-built warships of the main classes - the flagship of the Pacific fleet, the order of Nakhimov missile cruiser "Varyag" and the large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Panteleev". Also in the front line are the Corvette "Loud", small anti-submarine ship "Korean", missile boat "P-18", base minesweeper "BT-100" and the diesel submarine "Komsomolsk-on-Amur", - informs the tofu.

Feast Day of the Navy in Vladivostok was canceled, but the parade of ships will take place

Military-sports festival in honor of Navy Day in Vladivostok this year will not take place and the parade of ships will take place in the Golden horn Bay, told journalists the head of Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet Nikolay Voskresenskiy.

"Military-sports festival with a demonstration of the combat capabilities of naval forces and a pageant are planned. The decision Starfleet made based on the fact that in the capital of Primorye, still in effect quarantine measures that restrict the conduct of mass events", - said the resurrection.

Factory testing of the second "Varshavyanka" for the Pacific fleet will be completed in July

The second diesel-electric submarine of project 636.3 ("Varshavyanka") "Volkhov" for the Pacific fleet completed factory sea trials in mid-July, said the commander of the naval fleet of Russia Nikolai Evmenov.

He recalled that the submarine of this project has "proved its effectiveness in ... operations against terrorists in the Syrian Arab Republic in the Mediterranean sea."

In the far East found the wrecks of aircraft in 1943 and 1972

Activists search Association "Aviapoisk" found in the far East of the crash sites of two planes, one of which crashed in 1943, the press service of the Eastern military district.

The crew discovered the aircraft – three people were killed. Found items parachute systems and clothes of the pilots. To place a memorial plaque. The search for the remains of the crew will continue.

In Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk thundered a salute in honor of the Victory

Fireworks sounded in Vladivostok and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk in honor of the anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war.

"The twenty-fourth day of June in Vladivostok at 23 hours local time the forces of the Pacific fleet (PF) given a salute in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war", - told the Department of information support a press-services VVO on Pacific fleet.

In Vladivostok on Victory day parade have been "Bastions" and T-34

More than 1.5 thousand soldiers and cadets, samples of historical and modern military equipment took part in the Victory parade in Vladivostok.

This year due to the epidemiological situation, the parade was held in Vladivostok in compliance mask mode, the "social distance" and without spectators. In the Central square brought together representatives of the authorities and a few guests – veterans of the war. They, and all the demonstrators and media representatives, the number of which this year is also restricted due to epigastralgia were tested for coronavirus. Residents of the city and region were able to watch the broadcast live.

"Vostochnaya Verf" early built piers for submarines of the Pacific fleet

"Eastern shipyard" in Vladivostok has fulfilled the government contract for the construction of floating berths for the Pacific fleet, said the company.

From 8 to 10 June on the territory of "Eastern shipyard" took place the acceptance testing, during which the Commission of the defense Ministry has verified the compliance of new semi-floating metal piers the requirements of the contract.

Sailboat "Pallada" arrived in Vladivostok after a trip around the world

Russian sailing ship "Pallada" was solemnly greeted at the pier in the center of Vladivostok: the frigate arrived home from the circumnavigation, the correspondent of RIA Novosti from the ceremony.

Three of the sailboat of the Agency - "Sedov", "Pallada" and "Kruzenshtern" - went to the end of 2019 in the first ever joint expedition "Sails of peace", the first of which was dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the discovery of Antarctica, and the second - the 75-th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war. Barque "Sedov" and the frigate "Pallada" was published in voyage around the world, and the barque "Kruzenshtern" – in the transatlantic. At the end of April "Pallada" and "Sedov" was found at the entrance to the Strait of Malacca, both of the sailing ship continued the expedition together, moving one route via Singapore to Vladivostok.

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