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In the state Duma proposed to deprive of accreditation of individual journalists at the NYT and FT

In connection with the publications in the Newspapers New York Times and the Financial Times about the alleged discrepancy between the official data on deaths from the coronavirus in Russia, the real statistics could be deprived of accreditation in the Russian Federation individual journalists, the head of the state Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Committee for security and combating corruption Vasily Piskarev.

The state Duma Commission had earlier asked the foreign Ministry to take measures to the New York Times and Financial Times after biased articles about COVID-19 until the withdrawal of the accreditation in the Russian Federation. In the state Duma also noticed that these articles appeared simultaneously. The head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev has called unacceptable for the levels of those publications the appearance of these articles, based on speculation and does not represent the official Russian point of view. Later the official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said that the editors of the Financial Times and the New York Times prepared letters of refutation published of misinformation about the coronavirus in Russia.

In the Commission of the state Duma responded to the offer Venediktov "take a pill"

The state Duma Commission on investigation of facts of interference in the Affairs of Russia is ready to discussion with the chief editor of radio station "Echo of Moscow" Alexei Venediktov, who responded to the Commission's activities in relation to Financial Times and The New York Times the advice "take a pill".

The head of the Committee Vasily Piskarev said earlier that the Commission has asked the foreign Ministry to take steps to the American Newspapers The New York Times and The Financial Times after biased article about the situation with coronavirus in Russia until the withdrawal of the accreditation. The Russian foreign Ministry also said that the letters to the editors of the Financial Times and the New York Times with a demand to refute the published disinformation.

Russian diplomats said the appeals "to settle scores with the Russians" in USA

The Russian Embassy in Washington handed over to US law enforcement agencies and the state Department data on threats that spread through social networks.

The head of diplomatic mission noted that many Americans are going wild negative emotions, especially given the difficult socio-economic situation in the country.

NYT editor resigned because of an article about the protests

One of the editors of the American edition of New York Times resigned after criticism that hit him in connection with the publication of the article, the Republican Senator from Arkansas Tom cotton calling to use force against civilians participating in the protests.

Article Senator Tom cotton came under the heading "Send troops". "The only thing that will restore order on our streets, is an overwhelming show of force to disperse, arrest and ultimately to deter violators of the law," - said in the article, Senator. The material published on Wednesday, provoked the wrath of the readers and journalists of the newspaper, the newspaper notes.