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The astronomer talked about the features of monitoring the alignment of the planets

Parade of planets, which will be held almost the whole of July, to be observed in full: the Sun eclipsed by mercury, and Uranus and Neptune are not visible to the naked eye, told RIA Novosti the scientific Director of Moscow planetarium Faina Rublev.

"Uranus with Neptune from a distance with the naked eye is generally not visible. Saturn, Jupiter and Mars will be visible at night. The ground we don't see because they are on her. Venus is visible, but only in the morning and the mercury is in inferior conjunction, that is near the Sun it outshines it," said Rublev.

The Russians will see rare solar Eclipse

In some regions of Russia on 21 June, you will see an annular Eclipse of the Sun, the press service of the Moscow planetarium.

In 2020, this astronomical event falls on the summer solstice. It is noted that again in the twenty-first century, these events will occur on one day only in 2039.