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In Israel artificial intelligence will help the lifeguards on the beaches

On the beaches of Israel can receive the "rescuers" with artificial intelligence, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of Israel.

Experts have developed a system with artificial intelligence, which is designed to monitor the situation on the beaches around the coast and alert rescuers about the threats to people.

Israel submitted eight inventions that will change the world of tourism

The Israeli company has developed products and technologies that can help tourism industry to go back to the safe and efficient operation, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of the country.

Management of defence research and development of Ministry of defense of Israel is developing a technology that during the minutes show, whether the person infected with coronavirus. It will be possible to identify carriers at the airport prior to landing. Those who test positive will not be allowed on Board.

In tel Aviv and Jaffa will be two times more bike lanes

In tel Aviv and Jaffa, the length of bike lanes will increase from 140 km to 300 km by 2025, the press service of the Ministry of tourism of Israel.

"In recent years, bicycles and personal vehicles have become an integral part of urban culture, — said Ron Huldai, the mayor of tel Aviv-Jaffa. — We continue to pave additional miles of bike lanes, pursuing three main goals: "return" the streets to pedestrians, reducing traffic congestion and improving air quality".