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Chief infectionist of the Ministry of health evaluated the risk of a second wave COVID-19

The probability of the second wave of the epidemic COVID-19 depends on the compliance people safety measures, said the chief infectious diseases specialist of the Ministry of health Vladimir closets.

The doctor cited the example of the US and India, which records a new record is infected with a coronavirus.

The expert of the Ministry of health spoke about the increase in cases COVID-19 in some regions

To reduce the incidence of coronavirus in Russia failed due to the quarantine measures taken, but in some regions remains the increase in the incidence, said the chief infectious diseases specialist of Ministry of health of Russia, Professor Vladimir closets.

"As a result of quarantine measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus we were able to significantly reduce the incidence and reverse the progression of the epidemic. But it can be called a small victory in one battle - the war is not over. Yet every day we register lots of new cases in some regions is still growing morbidity, and this means that there is a risk of infection," said the closets, which quoted the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Named regions with the highest incidence of tuberculosis

Chukotka has headed a rating of the regions with the highest incidence of tuberculosis, reports RT with reference to data of the Ministry of health.

In 2019 in the Chukotka Autonomous district recorded 136,9 first identified case of the disease per 100 thousand of the population. In second place was the Republic of Tuva (119.3 case), the third – Kemerovo oblast (93,7).

The manufacturer has told about the use of "Avifauna" in Russia

Drug "Aviewer" from COVID-19 was applied successfully to treat more than 30 of thousands of Russians in different regions, from the presentation of the company "Chromis", which is the manufacturer of the drug.

"Aviewer" was effectively used by more than 30 thousands of Russian patients in 51 regions of the country", - the document says.

The Ministry of health took control of the situation with drugs for cancer patients

The Ministry of health of Russia collected information about the need for medication for the treatment of cancer Vincristine and sent a letter to the SMRC of Oncology. N. N. Blokhin for increasing production of the drug and the Ministry of industry and trade about the need for the adoption of emergency measures to resume production of drugs in the previous volumes, announced the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Earlier media reported that Russian hospitals end the drug Vincristine for the treatment of cancer, to the end of the year, patients can remain without treatment.

Murashko said that direct data on infertility due to coronavirus no

Direct evidence that the coronavirus leads to infertility, no, said the head of the Ministry of health Michael Murashko.

"Such data directly that (coronavirus - ed.), leads to infertility, not today. There was a separate publication that during disease coronavirus infection identified pathogens and there is an inflammatory disease, but today is only the first such studies, some of them already withdrew their materials for revision", - said the ant to the TV channel "Russia 24".

The health Ministry said, in what regions is most common in children

Most often in Russia to 2019 ill children under 14 years of age in the Nenets Autonomous district, Karelia Republic and Arkhangelsk region, less often – in Chechnya, Kabardino-Balkaria and Tuva, follows from the data of statistical compilation of the Ministry of health of Russia, seen by RIA Novosti.

"All diseases per 100 thousand of children population: Nenets Autonomous Okrug – 344 737,1, Republic of Karelia – 340 476, Arkhangelsk oblast – 337 987", - is spoken in the collection.

The Ministry of health has approved a new drug from coronavirus

The drug from coronavirus "Cornavin" has been approved by the Ministry of health. It was developed by the company "R-Pharm".

This is the third medicine approved by the Russian along with the "Avifauna" (production of RDIF and Chemrar) and "Kalivia" company "Promomed".

More than 14 thousand physicians who contracted to work COVID-19, received payments

More than 14 thousand Russian doctors who contracted the coronavirus in the performance of duties, received a lump sum insurance payment, told RIA Novosti press-service of Ministry of health of Russia.

Insurance payment was also made into the death of 40 doctors, said the press service.

The Ministry of health approved the recommendations for the resumption of examination

The Ministry of health approved the interim guidelines for the organization of prophylactic medical examination and preventive examinations in terms of the preservation risks of the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to the press service of the Ministry of health of Russia.

Conduction of all-Russian clinical examination of the adult population was temporarily suspended in March due to the spread of the coronavirus.

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