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Belarus gave Russia 32 of the detained Russians

Thirty-two Russians, formerly detained in Belarus, returned to Russia, said Prosecutor General's office.

The Department stressed that one of the detainees, besides Russian, also has Belarusian citizenship, so he stayed in the Republic.

Pushkov said about the involvement of Belarus in the game against Russia

Belarus starting to openly lure in "the game against Russia", said the head of the Federation Council Commission on information policy and interaction with mass media Alexei Pushkov in his telegram channel.

So the Senator commented on the portal Ukraine.ru on the telephone conversation between foreign Ministers of Ukraine and Belarus Dmitry Kuleba and Vladimir Makei, respectively. It is noted that Makei was invited as guest of honor at a meeting of the foreign Ministers of Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine.

Ukraine plans to extradite detained in Belarus Russians

Kiev will require the issuance of 28 detained by Belarusian authorities of the people to attract them to criminal responsibility alleged "for actions during the armed conflict in Donbass", have informed in a press-service of office of public Prosecutor of Ukraine.

It is noted that nine of them have Ukrainian citizenship.

In Yerevan said about the inferiority complex of Ukraine

Foreign Minister of Armenia Zohrab Mnatsakanyan believes that Ukraine has a complexity in the perception of the essence of the Karabakh conflict.

Previously the foreign Ministry of Ukraine issued a statement about the July escalation on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border, which States that Kiev in favor of a political settlement based on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within its internationally recognized borders. It also indicates the need to continue the search for a peaceful solution to the Karabakh conflict based on the resolutions of the UN Security Council, on the implementation of a number of provisions which insists Azerbaijan.

Belarus gave Ukraine a list of the detained Russians

Belarus gave Ukraine a list of the detained Russians, to check whether they participated in the fighting in the Donbass. This was announced by the head of the Ukrainian foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba.

According to the Minister, Ukrainian law enforcers are actively working on the list.

Ukraine has threatened Iran with the Tribunal in the case of unsuccessful negotiations at Boeing

Kiev will be served in international courts on Tehran in the event of unsuccessful negotiations on compensation for shot down in January under the Tehran Boeing "Ukraine International airlines", said at a briefing on Friday, the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba.

"Clearly, if negotiations with Iran will fail, we will go to international courts, and I have absolutely no doubt that we will bring Iran to justice and Iran will pay all the necessary compensation. But this is plan B and plan a is negotiations with Iran on all matters and compensation," - said Kuleba.

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest

The Ukrainian foreign Ministry has sent Russia a note of protest due to the dispatch of humanitarian aid to the Donbass, said the press service of the Ministry.

EMERCOM of Russia reported on Thursday that the next humanitarian convoy has delivered humanitarian aid to residents of Donbass.

Kiev "not surprised" by the return of notes of protest for the parade in Sevastopol

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine said that "not surprised" by the return of the Russian foreign Ministry a protest note because of the parade in Sevastopol.

Earlier, the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine handed over a note of protest to the Embassy of the Russian Federation from-for the naval parade, held on 26 July in the Black sea. The Russian foreign Ministry confirmed the receipt of the notes of Kiev in connection with the parade of the Navy in the Black sea, indicating that the note has been returned to the Ukrainian side without consideration. The Russian foreign Ministry pointed out that "the Russian Federation as a sovereign state has the right to organize on its territory parades, celebrations and other events at its own discretion, without the consent of foreign States" and noted that Kiev should "get rid of illusions and get used to the idea that the Republic of Crimea and the Federal city of Sevastopol is an integral part of the Russian Federation".

Ukraine has complained to the UN Secretary General at the naval parade in Sevastopol

Ukraine appealed to the UN Secretary-General in connection with the Russian naval parade in the Crimea in honor of Navy day, reported by "UKRINFORM".

In the letter from the permanent representative of Ukraine to the UN Sergei Oxalis said that Kiev considers the parade in "the occupied Sevastopol a violation of international law, including numerous resolutions of the UN General Assembly and legislation of Ukraine."

In Sevastopol reacted to the protest of Kiev from-for the naval parade

The Deputy of the state Duma from region of Sevastopol Dmitry Belik said that the next protest note to the Ukrainian foreign Ministry regarding the conduct of the naval parade was seen as a kind of greeting.

In Sevastopol on July 26, was held a parade of ships and military-sports holiday devoted to Day of Navy of Russia. The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine, in turn, handed a protest note to the Russian Embassy because of the parade "without the consent of the Ukrainian side," and "violations of international law."

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