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Pompeo has accused China of aggression in the border with India

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has accused China of aggression in connection with the incident on the border of India, urged the world to join efforts to "significant" response to Beijing's policy.

"The Chinese have taken incredibly aggressive steps, and the Indians did everything they could to answer it," Pompeo said at a press conference on Wednesday.

India and China will continue consultations on the restoration of peace on the border

China and India will continue consultations of military experts and diplomats to ensure the full and lasting restoration of peace and tranquility in the border areas, said the Ministry of foreign Affairs of India.

Previously the foreign Ministry of the PRC announced that the results of telephone conversation of the special representatives on border issue - the national security adviser of India Ajit doval and the foreign Minister of China Wang Yi, the parties agreed as soon as possible to complete the process of withdrawal of troops on the line of contact between the parties.

Military from China and India held a meeting on the settlement at the border

Representatives of the military command of India and China held a third meeting to resolve the situation in the border zone, said the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang.

He stressed that "the Chinese side welcomes this."

Lavrov assessed the situation on the border of India and China

India and China do not need the assistance of Russia or other countries to resolve tensions on the border, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

"We have such a goal has never been to help India and China to develop bilateral relations. India and China are able to decide to consider any problems that arise in the relationship between them and problems arise between any of the countries, including, of course, and neighbors," said the Minister during a press conference after talks of the foreign Ministers of RIC.

China and India agreed to reduce tensions on the border

China's military and India during the second a few weeks meeting in the border area agreed to contribute to the reduction of tensions on the border, said at a briefing on Tuesday the official representative of the Chinese foreign Ministry Zhao Lijiang.

"Representatives of the command of China and India in the border area on June 22 held a second meeting, which was also the first meeting at this level after an incident on June 15 in valley Galvan," - said the diplomat.

The foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China will hold talks

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday to discuss with colleagues in the format of Russia-India-China further deepening of trilateral cooperation, including in the fight against global crises.

The talks of RICK will be held online. But not only the coronavirus pandemic will affect the course of this meeting almost to the last moment, it remained unclear whether it will be held at all, given the escalation in the region of Ladakh, where the line of actual control between India and China.

India freed detainees in Ladakh by Chinese soldiers

India freed detainees during the conflict in Ladakh the Chinese soldiers, said the road transport Minister Vijay Kumar Singh, who previously held the post of chief of army staff.

A new round of tensions between India and China began after the military clashes of the two countries in the valley of Galvan in Ladakh on the evening of 15 June. According to Indian authorities, the incident killed 20 soldiers.

Chinese expert explained the reasons for the border dispute with India

Indian authorities need to switch the public attention from internal problems, including complex epidemiological situation and the slow economic development, and for these purposes well suited to the problem of cross-border confrontation with China, said RIA Novosti Professor, head of the research Institute of the region of the Bay of Bengal at Shenzhen University Dai Yonghong.

A new round of tension between the two countries began after the clashes on the evening of 15 June, military of India and China in the valley of Galvan. According to the representative of the Indian army, during the incident of the collision with the Chinese military in the valley Galvan in Ladakh one officer and two Indian soldiers were killed. Later, the ANI Agency, citing a source reported that the Indian side lost 20 fighters while the Chinese side suffered 43 persons - this number includes the dead and seriously wounded.

The UN has urged India and China to exercise maximum restraint

UN urges China and India to exercise maximum restraint, said at the briefing Deputy spokesman of the Secretary General of the organization Farhan Haq.

According to him, the UN has also noted with satisfaction the reports that both countries cooperating in order to de-escalate the situation.

The EU urged China and India to de-escalate the conflict on the border

The European Union has urged China and India to exercise restraint and avoid escalation of the conflict on the border, said the EU high representative for foreign and security policy of Josep Borrell.

"India and China are important partners of the European Union and play a key role in supporting regional and global stability. We believe that the authorities of India and China will continue dialogue to find a peaceful solution to their differences. This is key to building trust, maintaining peace and stability in the region", - said in a written statement the head of EU diplomacy.

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