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Media: Poland has afraid to put F-35 at the Russian border

Poland decided not to deploy the fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II at the base in Malbork 80 kilometers from the Kaliningrad region and in mińsk Mazowiecki, near the Belarusian border. It is reported Defence24.

According to the portal, Poland refused to deploy the newest fighters in the East of the country, as the authorities fear that Russia will be able to check their radar and infrared characteristics. So the military leadership decided to deploy F-35 on the West of the country in Swidwin, which previously was home to squadrons of su-22.

In Poland began teaching for the transfer of American troops in Europe

Postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus military exercises Defender of Europe 20 for the transfer of US troops in Europe, began on Thursday in Poland.

20 Defender of Europe was to become the largest in 25 years the redeployment of American troops to Europe. It was planned that the US will arrive 20 thousand soldiers, to be joined by 9 thousand American military stationed in Europe.