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Chinese blogger admired the "trump card" of the Russian Navy

. A large-scale celebration of Navy Day and the past in many cities of the country marine parades once again reminded the whole world about the great potential of the Russian Navy, wrote a user of the Chinese portal Baijiahao.

According to the blogger, the main asset of the Navy will be a hypersonic strike complexes that have no analogues in the world. He added that this weapon will equip the frigates of project 22350 "Admiral Yumashev" and "Admiral Spiridonov", which the Navy will receive in the years 2025-2026. It is noted that the implementation of hypersonic complexes will greatly enhance the combat capability of the country.

Media: Poland has afraid to put F-35 at the Russian border

Poland decided not to deploy the fifth generation fighter F-35 Lightning II at the base in Malbork 80 kilometers from the Kaliningrad region and in mińsk Mazowiecki, near the Belarusian border. It is reported Defence24.

According to the portal, Poland refused to deploy the newest fighters in the East of the country, as the authorities fear that Russia will be able to check their radar and infrared characteristics. So the military leadership decided to deploy F-35 on the West of the country in Swidwin, which previously was home to squadrons of su-22.

The naval parades marking the Navy Day will be held on seven main bases

Today at the main bases of the Navy of Russia will host the parade this year for the holiday events attract a record number of 250 ships, 100 more than in the past. The festival events on the bases will take part about 15 thousand soldiers, will involve about 80 aircraft and helicopters and more than 100 units of ground equipment.

Russian President Vladimir Putin will attend the parade in St. Petersburg. In may he ordered the defense Minister Sergei Shoigu to begin preparations for the traditional parade on the main bases of the Navy of Russia.

The Serbian army has received 56 UAZ "Patriot" of Russia

The Minister of defence of Serbia Alexander Wulin and command of the armed forces of the Republic visited on Friday, the 56 cars UAZ "Patriot", purchased in the year 2020 in Russia, told RIA Novosti the Serbian defense Ministry.

Wulin together with the chief of the General staff General Milan Mojsilovic day attended a presentation of the 56 newly acquired SUV at the military factory "Approval" in the town of Pancevo near Belgrade. The Minister of defence of Serbia, on Thursday held a meeting with Ambassador of the Russian Federation Alexander Botan-Kharchenko, where they confirmed that relations between Moscow and Belgrade are at the highest historical level, and "noted the importance of continuing military-technical cooperation".

India wants to buy Russian spare parts for military equipment, the media are writing

India intends to sign with Russia a defense contract worth $ 800 million for the supply of spare parts and weapons, told the publication Defense News with reference to the representative of the Indian Ministry of defense.

Another representative of the defense Ministry of India said that the country has asked the Russian rapid supply of spare parts for su-30MKI fighters, submarines Kilo-class and T-90 tanks as well as missiles and ammunition for the fighters, tanks, warships and submarines Russian production. The publication does not specify if the request is within the contract.

Russia supplied Serbia helicopters, fighter jets and air defense systems

Russia over the last four years put Serbia helicopters Mi-35M and Mi-17V-5, MiG-29 fighters and air defense system "Armour-C1", the Director of the Federal service for military-technical cooperation (FSMTC) Dmitry Shugaev.

In addition to the supplies, in 2019 there was a training of specialists in operation and combat use, and "Shells", and helicopters "Mi".

Parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory ends a span aviation

Starts the aircraft main military parade in honor of the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war in Moscow.

Open air part of the parade on red square helicopters of army aviation: landing transport helicopter Mi-26 with the state Russian flag, accompanied by four Mi-8 helicopters, three groups of five helicopters Mi-35, Ka-52, Mi-28.

Serbia expects delivery of the first batch of Russian tanks T-72B3

Belgrade until the end of the year expects delivery of the first batch of Russian tanks T-72B3, only Serbia will receive 30 T-72B3 and 30 BRDM-2, said to RIA Novosti, Serbia's Ambassador to Russia Miroslav Lazanski.

At the end of December 2016, the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic after the meeting in Moscow with the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said that Russia in the framework of military-technical assistance will give Serbia six MiG-29 as well as 30 T-72S and 30 BRDM-2 equipped with machine guns KPVT 14.5 mm.

Russia gave Syria a second batch of MiG-29

The Syrian army has received the second batch of advanced MiG-29 fighters from Russia, reports the Russian Embassy in Syria on his Twitter page.

The planes passed within the framework of military-technical cooperation between the two countries, said the Embassy.

"Surprised everyone" in the Ukraine and turned it into a combat aircraft

About a hundred modern multi-role fighters, advanced drones, new transport aircraft, disposal of obsolete machines — information and consulting Agency Defense Express, published a plan for the development of Ukrainian military aircraft to 2035. It has already approved the Military Council of the Air forces of the country. The plans are very ambitious: for 15 years, in fact, to create a new kind of troops. About how this is really taking into account the current state of the APU and the economic situation — in the material RIA Novosti.

In the document we are talking mainly about the re-equipment of tactical aircraft. The vast majority of existing machines — patched-pereletnye, from the Soviet times and in good, has long been to be written off. To update the fleet of the Ukrainian authorities plan to spend a record $ 200 billion hryvnia — $ 7.5 billion at the current exchange rate. Note that the entire military budget of Ukraine in 2020 — a little more than 100 billion hryvnia.