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Tourists are told where they want to relax after the opening of the borders

Tourists interviewed by the online service, said if they are willing to change plans for the summer, if in the near future will open flights from a number of countries, reports OneTwoTrip.

Among the countries that in the near future may be possible, the media citing sources in the government called, for example, Hungary, Maldives, South Korea and UAE.

Media called countries with which Russia will soon resume flights

In the near future Russia will resume flights to several countries, reports channel "Moscow 24" with reference to the source.

Earlier media reported about the plans of Moscow to allow flights to the Maldives.

The opening the Turkey may give re-start tourism in the UAE and the Maldives

Market experts said that the resumption of flights to Turkey, the UK and Tanzania will open up opportunities for tourism and other countries, according to Tourdom.

After the announcement on Friday, July 24, the government's decision to resume flights to Turkey, Britain and Tanzania the experts of the market once said – it opens up opportunities for tourism not only in these three countries. For example, from Istanbul, flying of Moscow, St. Petersburg and Rostov-on-don will be available from 1 August, there is a convenient and often cost effective connections to the UAE.

The government of the Maldives told about rules of reception of tourists

The Maldives has announced from July 15 to accept tourists from all countries, without quarantine certificates, according to ATOR.

According to the head of the National tourism office of Maldives Tayiba Muhammad, the country completely opens the borders for international tourism.

The Maldives will be opened for tourists from July 15

The Maldives is located on the open desert Islands tourist resorts, hotels and homes from 15 July, with the arrival of tourists waiting for a temperature check, said the Ministry of tourism of the country.

Earlier Tuesday, Executive Director of the Association of tour operators of Russia Maya Lomidze said that eight countries, including the Maldives, officially announced that it is ready to accept Russian tourists on certain conditions.

It became clear when the Maldives will begin accepting tourists

The Maldives will open for tourists on July 15, said President of the island state, Ibrahim Mohamed Salih. Return to a full tourist life will be gradual, according to ATOR.

Upon arrival, campers will receive a free visa for 30 days, required to pass a test or quarantine the guests do not have.