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The wreck in the Kerch Strait armored vehicles moved because of the storm

Sunken armour razvedyvatelno-the patrol car (BRDM-2) is scheduled to raise from the bottom of the Kerch Strait Sunday, if weather conditions allow, told RIA Novosti the representative of the interregional public organization "Military-technical Union" Sergey Chernecov.

Earlier it was reported that one of the three armored vehicles sank during the crossing of the Kerch Strait within the framework of "Kerch landing "the Road of courage." The reason was the weather conditions: strong current and side wind. The crew was evacuated, no injuries. The campaign was launched on Saturday from the shore of the village Taman ' (the Fishing village). The ultimate goal is the shore near the village of Geroevskoe (formerly village of Eltigen) in Kerch. The distance of the transition 15 kilometers.

The point of care under the water of armored vehicles in the Kerch Strait was on video

Eyewitnesses removed on video as drowning participated in the campaign "Kerch landing. The road of courage," an armored personnel carrier.

The event began on Saturday morning. Three armored vehicles were to cross the Kerch Strait from the shores of the village of Taman shore of the village of Geroevskoe, but one of the armored vehicles suddenly went under water.

Salvation sank in the Kerch Strait BTR got on video

Eyewitnesses took video of the rescue armored personnel carrier, which sank in the Kerch Strait. A video posted by channel REN TV.

The footage shows how rescuers are transplanted members of the crew on the boat. According to the latest data, victims are not present.